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Racist website shut it down

    1. Honey Bozeman
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      Honey Bozeman

      Danville, IL

It is a racist to black American

Racist website shut it down

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    • Courtney Ladouceur OSHAWA, CANADA
      • 8 months ago

      Condoning a site like this is inhumane and appalling. The people on this site are all a disgrace to humanity, I am disgusted and ashamed to think there are still people who act like this. I don't believe in racism nor bullying. Take this disgusting site down.

    • ShayNay NayNot NOT NEAR YOU
      • 8 months ago

      Good luck with this Honey Bozeman as this petition is totally useless and worthless. Others, better than a breeding Chimpcongo sow, have tried and failed. The site can not be shut down as there is the constitutional first amendment right of "freedom of speech".

      By trying to shut the site down you are guilty of "tortious interference" aka " intentional interference". As such for your penance in compliance with the "Streisand effect" your Facebook page along with pictures of you and your nazzy picaninny "Summer" are posted on Chimpmania for all to see.

      Now get your nigger ass back to the field where it belongs and start picking cotton.


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