Children's Rights in Public Schools: Students, Not Prisoners
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Children's Rights in Public Schools: Students, Not Prisoners

    1. Ava Adams
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      Ava Adams

      Fayetteville, AR

Erosion of the rights of children is becoming systematic in the US school system in order to benefit the convenience of the instructors and administrators therein. Children are taught to mindlessly obey to the point where they are forced to shuffle down hallways silently with their hands behind their back or crossed in front of their chests, can have basic rights such as outdoor time (recess) and bathroom privileges revoked, may be openly humiliated by their instructors in front of their peers and more. Both students and parents are openly discouraged from expressing grievances respectfully to their teachers and principals. It's time that we as a nation speak up and get involved, declare that we will no longer tolerate oppression and abuse of children whenever or wherever it occurs.

We, the undersigned, declare our agreement that the following should be the unfailing rights of treatment for public school students:

*The right not to be humiliated or purposefully embarrassed by their instructors or other school staff or administrators.
*The right to be free from corporal punishment by their instructors or other school staff or administrators.
*The right to use the bathroom when they need to, and to be accommodated in this task if necessary due to disability or age (some kindergartners may need assistance, etc).
*The right to daily outdoor time with their peers as well as daily exercise. This is not a "privilege" that is only to be given to the most well-behaved children or the children who get the best grades.
*The right to not be isolated from their peers during instruction and/or as a punishment.
*The right to an instructor who is versed in the needs and rights of children with learning, speech, behavioral, neurological, and/or any other physical or sensory disability impairments.
*The right to an appropriately followed and conducted IEP and/or appropriate services for special needs or disabled students.
*The right to have arms to the side or free while walking through the school so as to maintain their balance.
*The right to speak quietly while walking through a hallway during class hours and at a normal speaking volume during non-class hours.
*The right to freedom of speech so long as the language is non violent and non discriminatory.
*The right to not be exposed to sexual language (related educational courses for high school students is an exception to this, when used appropriately and within a class wide context), advances or abuse

*The right of both students and parents to express grievances to teachers, administrators and other related school or district staff and see an appropriate redress of these grievances (where applicable). A respectful complaint should not be ignored.

*The right to be have any issues of bullying, harassment or abuse from other students addressed in a manner which takes into account the rights of ALL students as listed here.

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    • Marilyn Olowe JONESBORO, GA
      • over 2 years ago

      Human rights for ALL humans - Not just those over 18!! Children are people, too and deserve respect and courtsey and freedom as much as anyone else. They may be young and inexperienced at life and decision making, but how will they ever learn if all of their freedoms to do so can be so easily revoked?

    • Linda Barrow PORTLAND, OR
      • over 2 years ago

      PLEASE sign my petition too.

      This public school/educator/ coach has been allowed to coach abusively!

      • over 2 years ago

      Johnny needs legal representation please help!



      TAX DOLLARS! They should have to pay out of pocket as the parents do.Parents are

      helpless in their fight against them. Parents should be provided legal

      representation when their children are assaulted,injured, harassed, abused and

      maltreated not the school.

      Public government schools are also under an umbrella of sovereign immunity

      against most liability and pridefully gloat in the face of numerous complaints

      from parents to reform their unsafe hostile school environment. Teachers union

      also provides attorneys for teachers.

      Please sign this petition to Change laws for Parents tax dollars to pay for

      parents legal representation to protect our children. Not to protect the school

      staff that fails to protect our children from assault, injury, harassment,

      bullying, fails to circulate, monitor or supervise effectively. (BREACH OF DUTY)

      Fails to provide a free appropriate non hostile environment. Fails to call

      parents when students are hurt. Fails to immediately remedy bully issues. Fail

      to remove assaulting students from campus to DAEP = disciplinary alternative

      educational programs as stated in Chapter 37 of the Texas education code.

      Our Children have a civil right to a safe non hostile learning environment and

      our tax dollars should not be used for the schools defense! Children should not

      live in terror to get an education.Our son from age 8 to 10 was repeatedly

      assaulted, injured, with black eyes, knocked loose teeth, kicked in the head,

      pushed into lockers, pushed into concrete walls, vomited waiting for bus to

      arrive and could not eat at school. 42 School nurse logs showed cover ups of

      injuries that were never reported to parents. Parents fought against school

      abuse by providing pictures of black eyes with verified Dr's reports of acute

      hematomas and contusions. Followed by diagnoses of stress related anxiety that

      elevated to PTSD anxiety. Our son had no physical or psychological issues before

      enrolling in public school. Schools have got to be held accountable for the

      trauma that occurs while our children are in their care.

      Our kids are worth fighting for and Parents need supportive equal rights of

      legal representation provided by our tax dollars verses Parents tax dollars

      protecting heartless school staff that are careless in supervision of our future

      generation. That has resulted in an epidemic of confused students that drop out

      of school or commit suicide.

      Dear Mr Blake Powell Mediator and Kerens Independent School District

      We the parents JB & Michelle Coxx on 4/10/2012 continue an ongoing four year

      plead for our son Johnny Spur Coxx’s rights to a free and appropriate education

      which should have included a safe non hostile learning environment, while under

      the care of Kerens Independent School District.

      Johnny is our only child. He is the greatest little person we have ever had the

      privilege of knowing. It is an understatement to say how proud we are of his

      strong character and great faith in God at such an early age. He is a remarkably

      special well-mannered boy. Preserving his future is of great importance and

      crucial at this point in his little life. We have struggled to the point of

      exhausted fatigue to communicate with KISD to properly educate and provide

      protection for Johnny. Unfortunately our 8 year old dyslexic son lived in

      extreme terror of going to school for 3 years, Clinging to us and desperately

      sobbing in tears not to go. In the mornings he could not eat breakfast and when

      he did, would vomit waiting for the bus to pick him up. During school he would

      escape to school nurse Berry to hide from bullies trying to call home for help

      from parents. Johnny would vomit again at school followed by severe anxiety

      headaches and could not concentrate on school work with bullies hovering around

      him in classes, recess, hallways and pe. Johnny tried desperately to fit in with

      bullies who continued to black his eyes, push him into lockers, kick him in the

      head while sitting alone on the gym floor, pushing him down in line at the water

      fountain, beating him down at recess, pushing him backwards into concrete walls,

      twisting his arm behind his back on the way to class, hiding under teachers

      desk. Johnny felt completely alone and hated by teachers and most students.

      Johnny was afraid to tell teachers when he was hurt and they scolded him when he

      did. Johnny would get off the bus after holding it in all day, waiting to tell

      the ones who cared, his parents when he got home. Many many many times Johnny

      got off the bus with blacked eyes, lumps on his head, bruises etc. with no

      notice of a simple phone call from school. Johnny would let it all out when he

      got home. We gave him chips off of adult Excedrin pm to calm him down and put

      him to bed to sleep it off. The chiropractor adjusted his neck and back to try

      to relieve the pain, But it did not relieve the nightmares and vomiting followed

      by Emergency room visits administering morphine to stop the stress related panic

      attacks. The teachers and staff were often cruel in their approach with Johnny’s

      education and bully issues. Johnny felt there was no one at school that cared

      for him and they were all against him. He bottled up his emotions and smiled

      though tears as he was forced to endure the traumatic events during school. Many

      times Johnny was assaulted and then made to sit through classes with ice bags on

      his black eyes, lumps and injuries to his head. Johnny’s pleas to call parents

      for help was denied. Assaulting abusive maltreatment progressed and Johnny was

      then not allowed to see the school nurse anymore when assaulted. Johnny’s first

      visit to school nurse was 1/15/2009 for vomiting from the anxiety at school it

      progressed to 42 school nurse logs. Johnny endured other cruel treatment of

      being seated at a lunch table alone for a week and one teacher refusing to hug

      him. Principal meetings were cruel and she blamed Johnny for the assaults

      sitting before her with his black eye and acted out punching at him. Principal

      Carr would not let Johnny call home in her interrogating meetings with him.

      Superintendent hitting him with a metal gym door added to Johnny’s terror of

      staff. Johnny was diagnosed with stress related anxiety while enrolled at KISD

      on 5/24/11. Parents withdrew Johnny from KISD formally on

      8/5/11 and psychiatry team diagnosed Johnny with blatant post-traumatic stress

      disorder anxiety. Johnny is now medicated 24 hours a day with the psychotropic

      drug Remeron and Naproxin for neck and back pain. Entered in Agape Christian

      school 2/14/12 Johnny is sedated at school to prevent triggers of PTSD. Johnny

      did not deserve to be assaulted or maltreated one time, but was assaulted

      numerous times and is now traumatized from the public school experience.

      Please sign Johnny's petition!

    • Megan De BUFFALO, NY
      • over 2 years ago

      I sign this but also children need to learn to be more polite. A lot of kids today are violent and rude due to a lack of parenting.

    • Bonny Stroebel PRETORIA, HI
      • over 2 years ago

      I support this!

      If you care about JUSTICE for Woman and Children of violent sexual assault, please stand together for change~

      Also see: ROSIE FOR CHANGE~to see her Blog:


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