Children need their Families!!
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The Swedish Government about the Social Services in Sweden

Children need their Families!!

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Stop misusing your power to take children and to keep families from meeting...

The Swedish Social Services have made placing children in foster care a business....children are often separated from their parents (usually single-parents), from their sibblings and the rest of their families...they then get to meet their families very rarely.. couple have not seen their children for 1 yr and 2 months...Direct contact with different families have shown that the average ammount of time that children get to spend with the parents they are separated from, is an average of 3 or 4 hours, once every 3-4 weeks! Families are supposed to have the chance to re-unite if possible and the children returned home. However, the Swedish Social Services make that as impossible as they can.

The investigations done on families and results from these investigations are more often than not filled with bogus details....and families are split....and kept appart. Children are told their parents don´t want to talk to them and vise-versa! This showing in a lot of cases not to be true.

The ammount of money exchanging hands when a child is placed, have caused many lifted eye-brows.

Many children are treated very badly in foster care and have been subjected to all forms of abuse...Sweden over the last 2 years investigated foster children from 1920-1980. The children had been beaten and even sexually assaulted by caregivers...why the Swedish Government doesn´t investigate now, I can only assume it is because of the statute of limitations...

In Sweden you are not allowed to speak up against unfair situations...but it is an unspoken rule.....sounds absurd..but it is true..

This petition is for the investigations to be done properly and families to be treated fairly. That the Swedish Government act for the real best for children. That there is a change in law for this and a law that enables Social workers to be punished for wrong actions. It is very difficult to do so at the moment...

Children feel very bad because of separations and my daughter alone, since we haven´t met for 9 months (5 of which we had NO contact whatsoever) has now psychological problems...since the placement...

The Social services wear you down as a parent....

we can´t do this alone...we need you to believe we love our children and that the system here is Sweden of all places...

Please help our children!!
Our children, we the parents, our families and our friends, thank you from the bottom of our hearts and souls...Thankyou so much!!


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      • almost 3 years ago

      I am so tired of hearing day after day how the Swedish Socials who are supposed to honest and law abiding, violate people´s human right. They lie and manipulate facts to get what they want. They break laws and are protected...I want this to change...Fairness in investigations and so on. That´s all I´m asking for..-.At that these criminals be punished for their crimes...


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