Release Ferreira, he's innocent!
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Release Ferreira, he's innocent!

    1. Cedric Prakash
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      Cedric Prakash

      Ahmedabad, India

January 2012


On 3rd Jan.'12 Arun Ferreira was finally released - he was granted bail by principal and district judge Gadchiroli SS Ahmed on November 10 last year - biut was re-arrested without a warrant.

On Monday, Ferreira's family paid the personal bond of 50,000 and 50,000 worth solvency certificate to secure his release.

Here’s what happened - Fr. Cedric Prakash, started a petition 2 months ago and was supported by thousands (like you) across the world. The petition gained momentum offline with St. Xavier's college of Mumbai supporting his release. After Arun's family made many court visits and gathered more support.

  Fed up with the state police Ferreira also filed a petition in the High Court. The Court granted him bail and slapped a compensation of 25 lakhs on the state authorities. It was an emotional moment for Ferreira and his relatives at the central jail here on Wednesday afternoon after his release. A group of lawyers, his parents and well-wishers received and he immediately proceeded for Mumbai.

On his release, Arun specially thanked everyone for their support. 

“Thank you for your support, it feels good to come back home and eat mom’s home-cooked food.” - Arun Ferreira (5th Jan'12) after his release from Nagpur Central Jail


Arun Ferreira, a human rights defender, was forcibly arrested on September 27th 2011 in broad daylight without warrant outside Nagpur jail. He was arrested moments after he was released from being illegally jailed and tortured in 2007.

On 28th Sep. 2011 he was produced at the JMFC Court in Gadchiroli District. Maharashtra in with claims of a criminal conspiracy case of 2007 -- despite the fact that the Trial Court exonerated him of all charges on September 27th 2011. Yet, as soon as he walked free he was forcibly arrested.

His parents who were waiting for him outside Nagpur Central Jail were a witness to this incident. Arun's parents (above 70 years of age) are still in a state of shock. Ferriera’s lawyers, who protested againt the abduction, were manhandled by the police, they have already sent out a complaint letter to the Commissioner - to which there has been no response.

In India, Human Rights defenders have always been a target, because they work on behalf of the poor and victims of injustice. As a result, like Arun, have unfair allegations such as “naxalites” slapped against them.

Arun Ferreira an innocent man who deserves justice. Please sign the petition, and tell the Chief Minister of Maharashtra (India) to immediately release Arun Ferreira!


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    1. Ferreira rots in jail as court goes on holiday

      tamseel hussain
      Petition Organizer

      The hearing in the case of jailed human rights activist Arun Ferriera got adjourned till Dec. 13, as the court of the Nagpur bench of the Bombay High Court, which is hearing Arun’s case, was on a holiday yesterday.

    2. Reached 6,000 signatures
    3. Court raps cops for arresting Ferreira while granting bail

      tamseel hussain
      Petition Organizer

      People power works!

      NAGPUR: Principle district judge of Gadchiroli SS Ahmed has rapped the prosecution and questioned the police action against Arun Ferreira while granting him bail on a personal bond last week. Ferreira had been acquitted in nine cases in September. Moments after his release from jail, he was arrested for an offence registered in 2007 at Purada police station. The court observed that the reason for arresting Ferreira after such a long gap was not clear.

    4. Arun's 'Bail Plea' adjourned till 28th Nov.'11

      tamseel hussain
      Petition Organizer

      Arun Ferreira's court hearing which was supposed to take place on 4th Nov.'11 at Nagpur court has been postponed till 28th Nov.'11. Share and sign the petition!

    5. Priya Dutt's letter to CM Prithviraj Chavan

      tamseel hussain
      Petition Organizer

      After being approached by the Catholic Secular Forum, Priya Dutt a popular Member of Parliament send a letter to Prithviraj Chavan to seek help and ask him to look into the matter.

    6. Reached 5,000 signatures
    7. Arun's court hearing on 4th Nov.'11

      tamseel hussain
      Petition Organizer

      Arun Ferreria will appear at nagpur court on 4th Nov.'11.

    8. Pictures found: Arun Ferreira being nabbed in Nagpur jail

      tamseel hussain
      Petition Organizer

      A blog on Arun Ferreira, display's pictures of him being nabbed outside Nagpur jail. Do take a look at these pictures and encourage more people to sign the petition.

    9. Your support encouraged Tehelka to do a story on Ferreira

      tamseel hussain
      Petition Organizer

      WHEN THE inspector at the Nagpur Central Jail rapped his broken, wooden baton on the door of the visiting room, a file of relatives cleared the bench. Their time was up. On the far side of the room, the next lot of inmates appeared, including Arun Ferreira, whom TEHELKA was visiting.

    10. Reached 4,000 signatures
    11. Victimized Arun Ferreira supported by St Xavieras College

      tamseel hussain
      Petition Organizer

      St Xavieras College, a Jesuit institution with a strong culture of social justice, has come out in support of Arun Ferreira, an alumnus of the college who passed out from the institution in the 1990s, and has been in jail since 2007 on charges of being a Naxalite.

    12. Ferriera sends a letter to his mom and brother.

      tamseel hussain
      Petition Organizer

      Justice Suresh talkes about Section 151 CRPC which is a sanction to cops to pick up anyone anytime, what are loopholes used by the cops at the CPDR meeting The misuse of the power to arrest and false implication in criminal cases of political dissenters is the biggest threat to democracy as it permits illegitimate

    13. Reached 3,000 signatures


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