Tell HL Commercial Real Estate that Tam Valley needs a grocery store
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Tell HL Commercial Real Estate that Tam Valley needs a grocery store

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      Mill Valley, CA

Orchard Hardware is interested in taking over the old DeLano's IGA Market in Tamalpais Valley, according to Robert Knez, CEO of HL Commercial Real Estate in San Rafael, the agent for the building's owners:

Tam Valley needs a great grocery store like Fresh & Easy or Trader Joes to move in, not some retail home improvement and garden big box chain that would hurt nurseries and other small businesses in and around Mill Valley.

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    • Chelsea de St. Paer MILL VALLEY, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      Would love a Trader Joe's, in particular. We already have Goodman's and would be better served with a grocery store or other food option.

    • Janet Crawford MILL VALLEY, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      I doubt the change in use permit required by locating an OSH in the former Delano's site will slip through without significant community outcry. A well run grocery store would do well here, assuming the property owners were willing to upgrade the property to a reasonable aesthetic level. If the leasing agent needs help in locating a grocery store and convincing them that the community will shop there, just put the word out. You'll have an army of volunteers!

    • Pam Keon MILL VALLEY, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      I respect the property owner's right to lease to whomever he/they choose. I understand that this land is an asset and that it's in the owner's interest to get a return on that asset. I would be deeply grateful however if we could work together for a positive solution which benefits the local community and allows the owner to be a steward and leader rather than make a decision which has the potential to have a very negative impact on Tam Valley.

      I very much want to be able to walk to a neighborhood grocery, rather than get in my car and drive into Mill Valley. I am very opposed to seeing a Big Box business in Tam Valley. It's completely contrary to the long-term local culture of the community and the need it fills is already filled by Goodmans. I am also concerned that placing a Big Box hardware store which belongs by a highway in an already traffic-challenged area such as Tam Junction will create a nightmare for our residents in terms of traffic congestion from people being drawn from Tiburon, Sausalito, Corte Madera, Greenbrae, Larkspur, etc who will decide to come to Mill Valley instead of going to the San Rafael OSH. In addition, a Big Box store such as OSH has the potential to undermine the existence of our local businesses such as Goodmans, Green Jeans, Sloat, and others. Should these businesses close due to an inability to compete with a corporate giant in our backyard, our traffic problems will be magnified yet again as we will have fewer alternatives to OSH. I want to support locally owned business not chains which can drive the local owners out of business.

      Please find a way to use this site to serve the local community, while creating income for the owner, rather than to draw business and traffic from a larger region.

      Again, I completely empathize that this is a business matter and ask that there be continued investigation into ways to maximize profitability for the property owner while simultaneously serving the interests of the local community. Thank you for your consideration.

      • over 2 years ago

      NO Hardware Store!!! We need a Trader Joe's or Fresh and Easy.

    • Stacie Whitman MILL VALLEY, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      First, This is a residential neighborhood totally inappropriate for an OSH. Second, we need resident focused services- a grocery store being the most urgent need.

      Perhaps if the owner were to put some money into improving their property and making it look attractive as opposed to its years long depressing look, they might be able to attract a tenant. The whole building is an eyesore affecting our neighborhood.

      Put in a grocery store or resident focused service and the community will rally round. Put in an OSH no one wants, and I for one will drive right on by on my way to Goodmans

      and Sloat.


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