Chicago City Officials: Improve transit with bus-only lanes on Western and Ashland!
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Chicago City Officials: Improve transit with bus-only lanes on Western and Ashland!

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      Active Transportation Alliance

Chicago is considering plans for Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service on Western and Ashland Avenues. BRT reinvents the bus, offering a better transit experience with the reliability and speed of a train. But these transit improvements may be threatened by plans that give priority to car drivers over everyone else who uses these streets. Tell Chicago city officials you want a world-class BRT system that includes bus-only lanes and state-of-the-art transit facilities!

Cities around the world are using bus-only lanes, full-service transit stations and high-tech traffic signals to create high-quality BRT systems that drastically improve transit service. This could be coming to Chicago! Some people may resist dedicating even a small portion of our roadways to transit, but doing so makes a more efficient transportation network that benefits everyone.

There are many reasons BRT will improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods, from providing better access to jobs and services, to reducing traffic congestion and making our streets safer.

Riders for Better Transit is an initiative of the Active Transportation Alliance, fighting for a stronger voice for Chicagoland transit riders. Help us send the message that Chicago needs to make transit a priority on the streets in this corridor.

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    2. Ask for more on Western and Ashland

      Last month, the <a target="new" href="">Chicago Tribune covered</a> how Chicago will get a taste of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) this fall as the City implements elements of BRT on Jeffery Boulevard. This is an exciting development for public transit in Chicago, introducing new transit strategies to provide faster, more reliable and more convenient service. The Jeffery Boulevard project doesn't include a lot of improvements we'd love to see, but it lays the groundwork for upcoming BRT projects, like on Western and Ashland, where transit riders and all Chicagoans can and should ask for more!


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    • Christopher Cole CHICAGO, IL
      • about 2 years ago

      Transit is important to cities in a number of ways, but mostly in removing so many cars from overcrowded streets and encouraging intelligent resource usage!

    • Amy McReynolds CARBONDALE, IL
      • about 2 years ago

      You know what would make this perfect? Electric or air powered buses. (Yes, I said air powered. It's super-cool technology, google it!) :)


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