Let Benaiah Massey Attend His Senior Prom
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Let Benaiah Massey Attend His Senior Prom

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      Roanoke Rapids, NC

May 2014


KRISTY BRADLEY: Benaiah will be attending his senior prom this weekend!!!!

Thank you to everyone for your support, this means so much to us, we are overwhelmed by the support that has been shown. Benaiah only wants to be a normal teenager and is thrilled to be able to have this night with his friends. We will continue to advocate for Benaiah until a kidney has been found and he can be a normal teen again, even though he is too shy to advocate for himself.

Benaiah is a senior at Louisburg High School. He had to be put on home bound instruction this semester because he has kidney failure and is unable to get up in the morning due to side effects of the disease. Because of this the administration is denying him attendance to his senior prom. I am asking the administration to have a heart and consider the fact that this child has a terminal llness, and until the time he was diagnosed with this disease he was a straight A student.

Cheryl Benson, Assistant Superintendant
Let Benaiah Massey Attend His Senior Prom

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    • Jason Bennett COATS, NC
      • 6 months ago

      This is important to me because Benaiah Massey didn't choose to have to go on home bound instruction. He is not a criminal or a troubled student who was suspended. He deserves to go to his senior prom!

    • Beverly Reynolds ROCKY MOUNT, NC
      • 6 months ago

      Beneiah is a great kid who didn't ask for his illness. The idea of punishing him for something that is out of his control is ridiculous.

    • Taylor Philips GOODING, ID
      • 6 months ago

      Because i love him..

    • Brittany Thoms ZEBULON, NC
      • 6 months ago

      A 16 year old, straight 'A' student suddenly stricken with kidney failure has enough issues to deal with. His mother and support system have all done everything in their power to create a sense of normalcy for him in the midst of a very unfortunate circumstance. He needs his prom..He deserves his prom. But more than that, the bottom line is, Louisburg High School is discriminating against a child who has a disability. If they have accommodated him by letting him remain enrolled in their school...they should be able to accommodate him by letting him attend the school's prom. It's his prom too...The school shouldn't be able to take that away from him. That's like not letting a student in a wheelchair attend. A disability is a disability.

    • Diane Henson HENDERSON, NC
      • 6 months ago

      Punishing a young man for having an illness by not allowing him to participate in his prom just doesn't seem right. Unless there are circumstances that weren't revealed earlier then I think he should go and live add much of life as he can before he's stopped forever.


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