Chemtrails Over Michigan
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Chemtrails Over Michigan

    1. Danielle Dantès
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      Danielle Dantès

      Clio, MI

To: U.S. Congress

WE THE PEOPLE of the United States of America, pursuant to the Bill of Rights, Amendment One, which gives the right of the American people to petition the United States government for a redress of grievances, hereby state the following:

WHEREAS, unmarked aircraft are daily painting American skies with bio-hostile substances; and

WHEREAS, aircraft which carry no identifying markings can not be identified as American and are, therefore, presumed to be hostile aircraft; and

WHEREAS, these unmarked aircraft have been proven to be emitting substances which drift to the ground and are hostile to the health and well-being of American citizens;

THEREFORE, it is concluded that Americans are, and have been for years, under attack and have become the victims of BIOCHEMICAL WARFARE.

FURTHER, the United States government has allowed, and is continuing to allow, these unidentified aircraft to release harmful substances over American soil, which have been proven harmful to the American people; and

WHEREAS, the United States government has neither satisfactorily explained nor proffered any compelling reason(s) why it is in the interests of the United States government to allow harm to the majority of its people with these disease-producing, potentially lethal emissions; and

WHEREAS, when asked about the situation, the United States government has engaged in evasion, deception, and stonewalling the American people in their pursuit of the truth of this matter.

THEREFORE, it is presumed that the aircraft either belong to the United States government and are operating under the direct command and with full knowledge of the United States government or, in the alternative, the United States government has knowingly and willfully conspired with an outside, hostile group to allow harm to American citizens.

THEREFORE, it appearing that the United States government is violating numerous rights of its citizens and in so doing is in a state of treason against its citizens, it is up to the American people to exercise their rights and hold the United States government accountable for its actions or inactions, as the case may be.

CONSEQUENTLY, the people of the United States of America declare the following,

TO THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT: Pursuant to the Bill of Rights, Amendment One, we, the people of the United States, declare that we are grieved over the presence of "chemtrails" in the airspace over the United States and hereby petition the United States government to take immediate action to cease all chemtrail activity in the airspace over the United States of America.

We, the People, further DEMAND an immediate, thorough and honest investigation into what the substance called "chemtrails" actually consists of and discover the true purpose of spraying America (and its people) with harmful substances. Such investigation will include independent, impartial experts, as well as ordinary citizens.


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    • Amanda Crawford DALLAS, TX
      • 9 months ago


    • douchka horla FRANCE
      • 10 months ago

      Je vois chaque jour des traînées blanches qui s’étendent de plus en plus dans le ciel et créent ainsi une sorte de "voilage". Je m'interroge. Peut être n'y a t-il plus de couche d'ozone, et les épandages servent à reproduire artificiellement celle ci ?? Autant de questions qui je pense devraient avoir plus d'importance.

    • Diane Flatten NEWPORT BEACH, CA
      • 11 months ago

      The government has no right to spray us and the earth with toxins

      • 11 months ago

      Chemtrails give me a headache.

    • Natasha Rosloniec COOPERSVILLE, MI
      • 11 months ago

      They are spraying day and night over coopersville Michigan and I am tired of breathing chemicals daily. I worry about my kids immune systems and our vegetation and animals. I am tired of being poisoned! It's not fair to harm people like this.


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