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Cheddar's Casual Cafe: Bring back automatic gratuity on parties of 8 more!

    1. Sharon Wedberg
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      Sharon Wedberg

It seems as though Cheddar's Corporate office has turned their backs on its servers since the recent doing away with the 15% automatic gratuity of parties 8 or more. In many cases, us servers are being made to be of service to these large parties without getting tipped for it AND still tip out the 3% of the sales incurred on said parties after getting stiffed! They refused to guarantee us a very small percentage of our tips, but yet still ask that we guarantee the tips of bussers, bartenders and hostesses. For those of you who are not familiar with the tip pool policy at Cheddars and most other restaurants, here is how it works; As servers, we have to tip 3% of our sales, which goes into a "tip pool" and is then divided amongst the bussers, bartenders and hostesses. We have to pay into this tip pool whether we get tipped or not. Meaning if a party of 8 people come sit in my section and rack up a bill of $95, I have to tip 3%, which is $2.85, of that single bill into the tip pool. So if that table stiffs me, I basically pay out of pocket for them to go out to eat. Tonight, I made exactly $92 BEFORE tip out. My tip out was $19.26. That means I tipped out over 20% of the money I earned. Last weekend a poor fellow server walked out after a busy Saturday night with $13 after having back to back large parties all night because every single one of them stiffed her and she was not guaranteed at least 15% gratuity. Tonight another fellow server walked out after a shift with only $20 after being in a large party section all night. We do not get a pay check people. Servers here in Nebraska only make an hourly wage of $2.13 an hour. After taxes, we get VOID paychecks. That means ZERO dollars. We work for tips, completely and soley and unfortunately we cannot always depend on the generosity of people to ensure that we get paid because let's face it, there aren't enough generous people out there. Gratuity protects us from situations like, WORKING FOR FREE. BRING BACK GRATUITY!

Cheddar's Casual Cafe
Bring back automatic gratuity on parties of 8 more!

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    • Matthew Gibson BEVERLY HILLS, TX
      • over 1 year ago

      I work currently as a busser and have many server friends that I see get hurt by this ludicrous policy. On top of that, I will be becoming a server very soon!

    • Brittany Micari LINCOLN, NE
      • over 1 year ago

      Ive been serving at cheddars for about a year now, youre seriously going to lose some of the best servers there are to offer because we all run around like crazyto offer the best services, we make most of our money off of gratuity. Its not fair for us to get the crap end of the stick when you wouldnt have success without your service. The day after they inforced this rule, i BUSTED MY BUTT for a party of 15. $200 tab, i received less than 10% of their $24 tip after i tipped the bartenders (that didnt need to help me) and after i tipped my bussers (whom only bussed 25% of my tables dirtydishes, and the hosts (which didntprepare nor seat the guests, i did)

      • over 1 year ago

      This is important to me because we don't work for free. We work to support families, pay our way through school, pay bills and survive. Servers are the backbone of any restaurant and we should be guaranteed our pay just like the rest of the staff!


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