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Let Bracketts Bluff keep the disc golf course

    1. Alex mcmeeken
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      Alex mcmeeken

      linville falls, NC

This petition is less of an aggressive call to change and more of a plea for the good people of the Bracketts Bluff disc golf community. For more than 7 years David Brackett, his mother and children have maintained, protected and played disc golf in the Bluff. The Bracketts acknowledge that the land was sold to the conservancy, but they had hoped, in that sale, to continue to patron , defend and upkeep this land as a life commitment.
Discgolf is a fantastic and peaceful fledgling sport, with roots in California and branches across the country. In no place on the east coast is it as prominent as it is here in North Carolina, and specifically in Charlotte. Charlotte is the plump peach of the Disc Golf community, and this year, 2012, is the World Championships of Disc Golf.
Of all the courses in the country Bracketts is known as one of the best. In 2005 it was #7 in the nation as one of the most well maintained, technically challenging, and most beautiful courses in the United States. It would be a major loss to the community of Davidson, and the good people of the bluff if this course was destroyed.
This petition is the plea from the people...

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    • cory coe GREENSBORO, NC
      • about 2 years ago

      The guys at the course take great care of the whole property, it is completely beautiful and in no way of any harm in the hands of the rightful owner. This seems like the state/city gov. Just being shady to take something they want. Im sure there are other natural land forms out there being destroyed go help preserve those, "if it is not broke why fix it?"

    • Bobby Thomas HUNTERSVILLE, NC
      • about 2 years ago

      Bracketts Bluff is a beautiful and and challenging course. Getting rid of this course would be a disgrace.

    • Dustin Tuttle MOORESVILLE, NC
      • about 2 years ago

      Its important to me because, Brackets Bluff is a recreational place 2 excercise, play with good friends, relax and to get away from the real world when you need a break. Government and others are taking away everything else that brings us peace and joy. Let us keep The Bluffm please. Thank you

    • Dave Tackett WINSTON SALEM, NC
      • about 2 years ago

      As the sport grows, existing courses are ever more crowded. We need to keep all the courses we have.

    • Mark Grzybowski ADDISON, IL
      • about 2 years ago

      Disc golf helps change peoples lives in a positive manner... Taking this course away will do the exact opposite.


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