Charlotte County: Locate and Return Autistic Boy's Confiscated Therapy Dogs
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Charlotte County: Locate and Return Autistic Boy's Confiscated Therapy Dogs

    1. Marney Mckesson
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      Marney Mckesson

      Fort Myers, FL

When I was arrested for driving on a suspended license, my autistic son's emotional support dogs were taken into custody as well. I was told by the officer I had 30 days to pick up the dogs. However, the paperwork given to my mother by the Animal Welfare League of Charlotte County said I had only 5 days to pick them up. She called and informed them that the officer told me I had 30 days, not 5.

I was released and on the 26th day I went straight to the Animal Welfare League. The dogs were nowhere to be found, no one knew where they were and I was given numerous stories as to what had happened to these very special dogs. Charlotte County Internal Affairs said they could not offer any help in locating them. 

These are very expensive German Rottweilers. Our male is only 12 months old and our female just 6 months old. They are about to get their service licenses and be put on a national registry to work as emotional healers at children's hospitals as our way of sharing the joy and change they brought about for my son and myself. I am also high-functioning autistic and I feel that this was used as a way to take our dogs.

I want our dogs found and returned to my son!

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    1. Decision-maker Charlotte County Internal Affairs responds:

      Charlotte County Internal Affairs

      This issue has NOTHING to do with the CCSO and is pure SPAM. It is simply deleted as such!

    2. Locate and Return Autistic Boy's Therapy Dogs

      Marney Mckesson
      Petition Organizer

      Hello All and THANK YOU So Much for your support! I have been informed by the Animal Welfare League of Port Charlotte Florida That after 5 days Our Dogs were NO LONGER OUR PROPERTY and they can not Disclose Any Information on our dogs. When we first spoke with them they said it would be $600.00 plus $20.00 a day per dog so $40.00 a day. The most you will pay to board a horse for a month is $700.00 a month. OK so Animal Welfare Leauge wanted $600.00 to start plus an additional $40.00 a day. I went on the 26th day with the money to pick them up, which means I was willing to pay these bastards $1640.00 to get my son's dog's back. That is $40.00 more then I paid for both the Dog's. Also how much does it cost to rent an apartment? I'm sure you can rent a very nice place for $1,640.00 a month? Well these people couldn't help save these dog's for my son for $600.00 or $1,640.00 for 26 days and yet this Shelter is asking for donation's while taking Dog's from people that have a HOME?

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    • Tamara Taylor FORT MYERS, FL
      • almost 2 years ago


    • staci farmer WETUMPKA, AL
      • about 2 years ago

      we have iDiOts running our country and in positions of power - give the boys dog back a**holes!

    • milla collins AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND
      • about 2 years ago

      For pete sake this child needs his dog to learn and grow, look outside the box, and grow up!

    • Penelope Haniotis JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA
      • about 2 years ago

      Who made them God to take away something that improves someone's life substantially?

    • Cynthia Gecas OAKLAND, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      I think about what if it happened to ME...everyone needs to put themselves in a position like this. This is another example of abuse of power by the very people who are supposed to serve and protect us.


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