Channel 4 (@Channel4): Stop broadcasting Benefits Street and make a donation to a relevant charity for the harm caused
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Channel 4 (@Channel4): Stop broadcasting Benefits Street and make a donation to a relevant charity for the harm caused

    1. Ash Mahmood
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      Ash Mahmood

      Bradford, United Kingdom

UPDATE: Unfortunately we weren't able to stop Channel 4 from broadcasting Benefits Street, the final episode aired but I am proud of what we achieved with this petition. We opened a huge debate about how people using benefits are portrayed in the media. I'll be keeping the petition open. I believe that we should continue to protest any news that humiliates or paints a negative picture of the disabled, sick and the vulnerable in society.


On Monday Channel 4 broadcast a programme called Benefits Street. The program tried to show that 90% of people living on the street are on benefits of some sort. Within minutes people took to Facebook and Twitter with comments like "I'd go down this street with a baseball bat".

Having lived in Birmingham, not far from where the program was made, I can honestly say this show is not representative of people in the area.  

Benefits Street has portrayed people on benefits as scroungers and it’s wrong. I have worked for 23 years but after major surgery am now unable to work and receive some benefits. The backlash and abuse of social networks towards people on benefits as a result of this show has shocked me. 

Channel 4 should not broadcast any further episodes of the program -- it is creating a skewed image of a section of society and stirring up hatred. This is not a responsible approach from a public service broadcaster. 

The series is set to run for four more episodes. Please support me in calling on Channel 4 to stop any further episodes of this horrible program being broadcast and make a donation to a relevant charity for the harm done. 

Ralph Lee, Head of Factual, Channel 4
Stop broadcasting any further episodes of Benefits Street and make a donation to a relevant charity for the harm caused

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    • karen robins ROMFORD, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 8 days ago

      Because at 45 am cripple by work related illness which has not only devastated my life but those of my family whom have to care for me. i am shouting this out for my 15 years old daughter whom has had to deal with the stresses of a sick mother since the age of 8 and spent the majority of her time being my main carer. she is the one whom has to watch her mother in pain or exhausted in to day time sleep. I detest the victimisation we are made to feel by this government and all whom work for the DWP

    • naomi hunter RUGBY, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 9 days ago

      Exploitation is wrong

      • 15 days ago

      C'mon is this entertainment. Absolutely taking P, yet again the poor are targeted intentionally for middle classes. Disgusting

      • 18 days ago

      I am unable to work currently due to severe depression, aggrophobia and crippling social anxiety caused by Autism.

      For many years from the age of 14 (where I spent nearly a year in a adolescent phychiatric unit), till now at aged 21, I have been dangerously suicidal and/or severely depressed.

      I am in a better place currently, finally able to start looking forward to the future.

      Having the support of not needing to worry about money, has truly been the difference between life or death for me the past couple of years.

      It breaks my heart that so called 'tv producers' trying to make money off of the already 'delicate' benefits situation, are trying to threaten the safety of people in similar and worse situations to me.

      I will never know how they manage to sleep at night since doing this.

      I have NEVER been so disgusted in a TV show in my life.

      An incredibly big thank you goes out to you for creating this petition.

      You have made my day, knowing that there are people which believe in the same cause as my family and myself.

      I wish you the very best in life!

      Best regards,


      • 22 days ago

      I have been on benefits dye to ill health in the past and I think the representation of people claiming benefits now is unfair, inaccurate and conveys a blanket image if those through no fault of their own need to claim benefits they are entitled to. We are not all like the people seen in the programme and to imply we are is not right.


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