Changes need to be made to the Mexican 'no pets in-cabin' policy!
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Changes need to be made to the Mexican 'no pets in-cabin' policy!

    1. Suzanne  Montigny
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      Suzanne Montigny

      Fauquier ON, Canada

Passengers with small pets care about their pets and DO NOT wish to subject them to cargo conditions.  Also, flying into Mexico subjects all passengers with pets to pay outrageously high brokerage fees, and poor holding conditions of their pets.  All of this could be avoided for passengers whose pets are small enough to fly in cabin!  United claims to be an industry leader, so, we are asking them to step up and reverse their no pet in cabin policy for international flights into Mexico! 

Dear Mr. Jeff Smisek:
Earlier this year United made a change in their 'Pets in cabin' policy in regards to flying into and out of Mexico due to the Mexican government's new / old 1950 / 2007
policy (which disallowed pets - other than service animals - in the cabin of passenger aircraft.)
The Mexican government has as of June 21st reversed it's decision and is now allowing pets to fly in cabin. They have advised ALL airlines to begin allowing pets to
fly in cabin immediately!
ALL airlines - other than UNITED / CONTINENTAL - have re-instated their pets in cabin policies (to Mexico), why has United Airline not followed suit?
We, the undersigned of this petition, urge United Airlines to re-instate their no pets in cabin to Mexico policy.



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    1. United now allowing pets in cabin !!!

      Suzanne  Montigny
      Petition Organizer

      United, along with all other airlines, are now allowing pets to fly in cabin as of this date! This is a step in the right direction for United (who was the first to ban pets from the cabin and now, is the last one to allow them back!)
      The important lesson to take away from all of of this is that the power of the consumer / passenger is NOT to be ignored! The Mexican government in their wisedom realized that the cost to it's economy because of this policy was going to be huge HUGE!
      So, a pat on the back to all of you out there who helped to support this petition! Well done and Congratulations! Enjoy your pets in the cabin!

    2. PETS NOW ALLOWED IN CABIN! Read all Carefully!

      Suzanne  Montigny
      Petition Organizer

      The Mexican Transport officials have promised that a new law will take place in September which will reverse the previous 'no pets in cabin' rule!!!! This memo was issued today, stating that pets and service animals will be allowed in cabin effective immediately. The new Circular CO AV-07.8/07 R2 is an interim, temporary measure that will remain in effect until the new regulations are in place this fall.
      HOWEVER, due to the new Mexican government being voted in this weekend, it is critically important for all interested parties to continue their efforts until the law is formally reversed.
      To register your concerns, please contact the Mexican Tourism Board and explain that you are calling in regard to Article 2.1.2 (no pets in cabin) of the DGAC's circular dated May 10, 2012:
      Mexico Tourism Board
      From outside Mexico : 1 800 446 3942
      From inside Mexico: 001 880 446 3942
      Share this with EVERYONE!
      *Updates will be posted as they become available.

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      • over 2 years ago

      I no longer have a small dog, but used to take her back and forth to Canada with me. She was never any problem. She would perish in the cargo hold, as others would. This is cruelty to animals

    • Ingrid Wilgen SAN ANTONIO, TX
      • over 2 years ago

      A cherished pet flying as cargo with the luggage is not acceptable. It has proven to be a dangerous practice. Too many animals have died due to airline mismanagement. Pets not being able to fly within the cabin certainly does not meet the needs of the terrified pet or the worried pet owner. I will not fly with an airline that does not allow my small pet to ride in the cabin with me. My dog is part of my family. My money will always go to flight carriers who allow us to travel together in the comfortable cabin of the plane.

    • Betty Madden OSHAWA, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      Because we go to Mexico and take our cat with us and we can't leave him alone in Canada. It's an old law that's on the books that Mexico doesn't enforce. It's all the United Airlines changing there rules.

      • over 2 years ago

      On May 20, 2012 I had made the arrangements with United Airlines to fly on June 17, 2012, with my cat (in cabin), from Guadalajara to New Orleans... only to be told at the last minute that my pet cat cannot fly at all... it was all sad..... My travel plans would have been very different had I been told before.

    • frank meriwether OLYMPIA, WA
      • over 2 years ago

      we fly down with our cat in the plane cabin every year to mexico. we will not leave our cat in the u.s.!


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