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Stop child sex trafficking, selling of a human soul, forced prostitution

    1. Katya Voskresensky
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      Katya Voskresensky

      Melbourne, Australia

An estimated 2 million humans are held captive in sexual servitude worldwide, 80% of of these people are under the age of 24, some as young as 6 years old. An estimated average of 30 000 die annually from torture.
These victims of worldwide sexual exploitation have no one to turn to.
Unfortunately the use of illicit drugs is used to control the victims into performing acts of forced prostitution.
There is a shameful lack of interest from the governments, in saving these women and children from forced drug abuse and prositution.
An estimated 9.5 billion dollars is generated annually from the trafficking of human souls.
Approximately 79% off all sex slaves are women, and approximately half of all sex slaves are children.
Forced prostitution is a violation of basic human rights, for adults and also for children.
Unfortunately this is a world wide epidemic, but if you agree with me, and wish to protect basic human rights, and restore these men, women and chdren into a normal life, then please sign this petition.
Save the children

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      Katya Voskresensky
      Petition Organizer

      I am deeply moved that so many people from all over the world, are also pained by the injustice of this shamefull and inhumanitain act. Thankyou for your support in this matter, it would be greatly appreciated if you would pass this link onto all your friends and family, to spread the word. Save the children!

    3. Native victims of Prositution and sex trafficking

      Katya Voskresensky
      Petition Organizer

      So distressing to hear the story of these women, a vast age group, with a majority of victims suffering from traumatic brain injuries. So shamefull that these women are raped fir the pleasure of another human, but are also injured!

      Please, sign this petition to protect future cases of traumatic brain injury! This is unjust and the world has to change!

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