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Revert your policy of allowing corporations and astroturfers.

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      Douglas Crews

      Oceanside, CA

Change.org has done wonderful work in the past, but recent changes have started allowing corporations and astroturf groups to create petitions without evaluating the entity for solid progressive values. Like Proposition 32 in my home state of California, it *looks* like reform but is actually a front to allow the wealthy, powerful interests to hijack a grassroots reputation. Further, they fired the employee to brought this important policy REVERSAL to the attention of progressive interest groups.
This will be my last change.org petition created or signed. I don't expect it to garner many signatures, but it remains here as an epitaph of my change.org account.

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    • Roberto Cancel ORLANDO, UNITED STATES
      • almost 2 years ago

      Because I have implicitly trusted Change.org to support real people (i.e. not corporations) trying to make a positive change. They have lost that trust.


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