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The world's platform for change Allow users to disagree with a petition (add the functionality)

    1. Justin Lewis
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      Justin Lewis

      Lanham, MD

Have you ever seen a petition that was so bad you wanted to stop it? On this power is sorely needed. But won’t CHANGE! -- So I’m using to change the org.
Back story: I wrote suggesting this, and they gave me a canned response saying to post it on their “Ideas and Suggestions” message board. There I saw my suggestion already listed twice: #1 and #2 in popularity, totaling 99 votes. The next highest had 24 votes. Both were started more than a year ago (today is 11/8/12). What this means is that has been aware of this important, popular user request, but has failed to act. This is irresponsible. Not just to the users, but to the public at large. How about a ridiculous example (everyone can agree upon)? Because of how works, a Nazi sympathizer could start a petition saying we should use US funds to research how to resurrect Adolf Hitler to usher in the Third Reich. Clearly this is a bad idea. However, because of how is set up right now, there could be potentially thousands of Hitler fans signing the petition because they don’t know raising the dead is impossible. But the best YOU could do is ignore the petition. There should be a button that pegs down bad petitions. A button that indicates you don’t support the petition. This way, bad petitions won’t make it far, and won’t waste your time. Kind of like a youtube video that has 80% dislikes; don’t waste your time. Optionally, they could choose to add commenting ability for dissenters. I imagine this would function about like’s reviews. The most helpful get voted to the top, so you don’t waste your time reading idiotic flames like, “this petition is gay”. won’t CHANGE! The best they could do was offer a trite “At present, it is not possible to express your disagreement with a particular petition, other than by creating a petition yourself that takes an opposing view. Thanks,” in response to THEIR MOST POPULAR BY FAR idea/suggestion. There are obvious problems with’s suggestion, well-documented in the user comments to this post (
Your call to action: stop supporting a hypocritical organization that lobbies for change, but won’t themselves change when their own users are screaming at them to do so. Please do one or both action items below:
1. Cancel your account. This is the most likely way to get them to listen, because the avenues they have already provided their own users haven’t worked.
2. Visit, “Like” it, then post a comment below stating your support and/or stating “I am closing my account because has refused to act.”

I wanted to close my account, but will keep it open (and not use it other than for the sake of this petition) until 11/8/2013 unless changes their policies. What sparked this is that I actually signed a petition (indicating my support) JUST so I could comment and say what a bad petition it was.

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    • Andrew Williams MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA
      • 10 months ago

      Some petitions are misguided, and we should be able to post an opposing opinion

    • Bart Humphries LAKE ARROWHEAD, CA
      • 10 months ago

      There are some petitions that I don't agree with, that I strongly don't agree with. Is this a website for sycophants or actual change?

    • Heather Bowen ST. CHARLES, UNITED STATES
      • about 1 year ago

      Why don't they send this petition out via email?

    • jordan clark WEST KELOWNA, CANADA
      • over 1 year ago

      Because an agree-only petition prevents any meaningful discussion. It only shows one point of view, and leaves no room for change.

    • Stephen Hausler PHILADELPHIA, PA
      • almost 2 years ago

      Sometimes I disagree with a petition here, as I feel it contradicts some basic human rights in favor of avoiding hurting peoples' feelings. It'd be great if I could do more than just ignore the petition, but show that I actually vehemently disagree with it. I've gone as far as looking for counter-petitions for some of them.


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