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Change Child Custody and Child Support Laws

    1. Matthew Davis
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      Matthew Davis

      Houston, TX

The years have changed, life has changed, the country has changed. Yet the bias outlook and outcomes of caring Texas fathers hasn't. More and more fathers are getting the law book thrown at them for trying to fight for their right to be a father to their kids. The fathers of Texas know how it is.
The reason i am starting this petition is to let Austin know that us fathers are ready to unite and put an end to the bias situations that is brought upon by these uncareing court systems. Equal rights should be standard in custody and support battle. The father is and always will be eqaul to the mother. And no court system should say other wise.
The outcome I am looking for when i can get enough signatures is to get with atterony and have a motion filled with the court to get the standards change on what the law book says and how the outcome is decided.
If your a father that knows you were let down by your government then please sign this so we could see a better future for our kids. Thank you.

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    • Beth Entingh GRAND PRAIRIE, TX
      • over 2 years ago

      I am going threw this with my boyfriend. He wants to be there for his child and the mother is making it impossible for no other reason than to be difficult. We will be starting a petition please sign it if you see it. His name is Jeremy Upton. Thank you!


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