We call on you to resign with immediate effect
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University Director Environmental, Health, Safety & Risk Management
Howard Apsan
Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Operating Officer
Allan Dobrin
Executive Vice Chancellor and University Provost
Alexandra Logue
Snr. VC University Relations, Secretary of the Board of Trustees
Jay Hershenson
Chancellor Goldstein
Matthew Goldstein

We call on you to resign with immediate effect

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      City University of New York #occupyCUNY

The Chancellor of the City University of New York, Matthew Goldstein, sat idly by through the full three and a half hours of the CUNY Board of Trustees meeting at Baruch College, on November 21, 2011, while in the same building students, faculty, and staff of his university engaging in peaceful protest were met with a violent police response and numerous arrests.

Chancellor Goldstein (who is responsible for many of the policies currently being protested, such as the ending of open admissions in 1999, and increases to student tuition costs of over 20 percent) neither offered any condemnation of this attack on his students when he was made aware of it, nor did he intervene to prevent the continuation of the violence or to ensure his students' safety.

Members of CUNY cannot have any reasonable expectation that they will be able safely to exercise their rights to free speech and protest as long as a chancellor complicit in violence against them remains in office. We thus call for his immediate resignation.

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