CGM Nabard Andhra Pradesh, NABARD and MNRE Officials: Review the targets set for JNNSM Solar PV Scheme
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Shri K. R. Nair

CGM Nabard Andhra Pradesh, NABARD and MNRE Officials: Review the targets set for JNNSM Solar PV Scheme

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      CLeaIN Chittoor

      Chittoor, India

Villages in Chittoor District are suffering with power cuts of upto 12-14 hours in a day. People have now realized the need to switch over to Alternative sources of energy such as Solar, wind, Biogas etc.

NABARD in partnership with MNRE and Regional Rural Banks has launched the revised Capital Subsidy Scheme for Solar Lighting and Small Capacity Solar PV Systems under JNNSM which came into effect from 15th March,2012. (Circular No: 54/ICD-GSS5A/2012). This scheme was eligible to individuals, group of individuals, SHGs,JLGs, NGO, Farmer's Clubs etc to avail the subsidy of 40%.

People feel it is a boon to them as this scheme apart from giving them the subsidy benefits also directs the banks to issue loans for the remaining 50% of the total amount. The beneficiary can repay the money back in EMI which made these systems affordable, sustainable and reliable (The systems come with a warranty of 5 years).

National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development, you are not just an "Apex Development Bank", you are the leading light to all the Grameena Banks (RRBs) who work with the people from rural India. You are so important and thus, very responsible!

NABARD Website says "NABARD is an apex institution accredited with all matters concerning policy, planning and operations in the field of credit for agriculture and other economic activities in rural areas.It is an apex refinancing agency for the institutions providing investment and production credit for promoting the various developmental activities in rural areas"

Really???Your policy and planning need to be tweeked a little bit! Recently, It has come to my notice that NABARD Hyderabad office has issued a target of 160 systems for Chittoor district and 4000 systems to the whole state of Andhra Pradesh.
Just 160 Solar power packs for the district with the Largest Solar Radiation Potential in AP? Are you really focusing on "rural development" by benefiting 160 out of 16 lakh odd households in Chittoor District??

We urge you to understand the ground reality and increase the target numbers given to the RRBs according to the realistic demand.

Shri K. R. Nair, CGM, NABARD
160 Solar Lighting Systems are not enough for Chittoor District. Kindly review the targets!

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      • over 1 year ago

      This is important because when Government of India can give so much subsidy directly into the bank account of needy customers, why they cannot do the same thing in this case? Government of India should allocate more budget for extending capital subsidy to install solar system in each house especially in rural areas as it can relieve pressure on grid and this can be a game changer in rural areas as taking grid to the last mile involves lots of difficulties for Government and we have many case studies to prove so as policy makers can get convinced

    • rajanikant reddy BANGALORE, INDIA
      • almost 2 years ago

      we hardly have power in the peak rainy season.. i don't think we will see power once in a week when we get into summer this year

    • phani bhushan SUNNYVALE, CA
      • almost 2 years ago

      I am from a village in kurnool District where frequent power cuts are part of my regular life. I am planning to set up solar system for my house.


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