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Certify my backyard.

    1. Kristin Johnson
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      Kristin Johnson

      Washington, DC

It's so easy to garden for wildlife, and the National Wildlife Federation can help! Learn about the four basic elements that wildlife need and how you can create a Certified Wildlife Habitat right in your own backyard. Join more than 70,000 others who have certified their yards: www.nwf.org/backyard

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    • Rod Pennington SPRINGFIELD, IL
      • over 6 years ago

      Greenhouse gases destroy our Earths Ecosystem. High levels of CO2 gas (carbon dioxide) are also a major cause of Global Warming. Although buildings produce nearly half of all greenhouse gas emissions, a survey released by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) shows that 40 percent of voters believe cars and trucks are the highest contributors, compared to just seven percent who accurately identified buildings as the top cause of emissions. Studies show that buildings produce 48 percent of dangerous greenhouse gas emissions contributing to climate change, and that they consume 71 percent of electricity produced at U.S. power plants. Other major contributors of building greenhouse gases are fully vented septic systems and landfills. Both of these sources of greenhouse gases can be reduced by using zeocarbon based septic vent pipe filters which as anadded benefit also remove odors. The zeocarbon inside these filters can then be recycled every few years as a nitrogen rich, ornamental garden fertilizer. It takes up to one year for one tree to fix the CO2 in the equivalent of 3 litres of gas. Septic vent pipe filters can do the same thing in one day, every day, for years before the zeocarbon must be recycled back to the earth.

    • Sally MacDonald HAMPTON, CANADA
      • over 6 years ago

      I am committing to have my backyard certified through the Canadian Wildlife Federation. I have been working towards making my backyard friendly for birds and animals by planting native plants and food crops, having a natural spring-fed pond and leaving much of my yard in a wild state with lots of protection for birds and small animals. We have squirrels, skunks and muskrats living in our small 2.3 acre backyard, as well as many species of birds - including crows, pheasants and doves. We also keep our cats indoors to protect the birds and small mammals. We have a bat house, bird houses and feeders and have had many families of young birds hatched here. It makes me happy to look out in the morning and see a pheasant browsing the winter garden.

    • Ann Cawley ST.JOSEPH, MO
      • over 6 years ago

      I love to sit in my yard as well...I have raccoons,opossums and every now and then you can catch a glimpse of deer...My yard is full of trees,bushes and lots of places for them to take shelter from the elements...I spend huors out in the yard watching wildlife and storms!!

    • Jean Lowery PERTH, AUSTRALIA
      • over 6 years ago

      I absolutely love my backyard, sitting and watching the birds and smelling the flowers. I will try my best to look after it in a safe and nurturing way.

    • Sarah L ORLANDO, FL
      • almost 7 years ago

      If I could certify my patio garden, I would! Native plant species often make great container gardens. I know my passionflower attracts quite a few butterflies!


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