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Cerenity Homes For Better Living Org.

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      Carla Delaney

      cleveland, OH

There are many unfortunate children within the foster system that have no family or home to go to once the have reached the age limit to continue housing through government assisted programing. A transitional home will provide them with shelter and the tools needed to obtaining self reliance, dependency and the stability required to becoming an productive citizen. With providing such programs as job placement along with group and private counseling sessions will in turn prepare them for a successful future. The youth of today need the guidance of great role models who care deeply for their well being. This will not only help them but the community as a whole. Our local stores, gas stations and even bus stops are crowded daily by our youth that only need a helping hand of some who believes in them. With a strong support system one by one this program will help our youth within our urban community.

I have had this dream for a couple of years now and just placed it on the back burner. But during the past couple of years so many tragic events have been occurring with our youth. Did you know that in the past month in Cleveland alone there were 9 murders and 7 were children? Now many have been touched by the death of Trayvon Martin including myself. But what about the senseless murders right here in our neighbor hoods that didn't make cnn news? We scream no more silence but sit silently by and don't take action. The transitional home will help to take some our misfortune youth and place them into a program that will help them become productive citizens which means a better future for them and ourselves as well. This is just a start I have much much much more coming in the near future. I'm meeting with the city and I need your support lets show them that we do care and we're not just going to seat here and watch them give up on our babies. SIGN THE PETITION PUT YOUR WORDS INTO ACTION LETS DO SOMETHING

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    • Carla Delaney CLEVELAND, OH
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      to invest into our youths future


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