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Negotiate with Monique to Stop Her Eviction

    1. Nick Espinosa
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      Nick Espinosa

      Minneapolis, MN

May 2012


After a seven month campaign led by Occupy Homes Minnesota, Monique White has been offered a new loan by US Bank.

Monique said, "I'm so thankful for all of the support during this process. Through it all I kept my faith in God and fought for what's right. Right now I'm just thankful that my family and I will get to keep my home."

Nick Espinosa, who created the petition in support of Monique said, "We couldn't be more proud of Monique and the example she has set for homeowners around the country. Her victory gives hope to the millions of Americans around the country facing foreclosure by showing that the banks can and must enact a grand bargain that would help every homeowner to stay in their home, whether they are in foreclosure or underwater on their mortgage, by reducing the principal on their homes to the actual market value."

Monique White bought her house in North Minneapolis in 2003, and was the first person in her family to own a home. Now she is facing foreclosure and though she has been trying for years to work with U.S. Bank to save her home, they have been unwilling to help her up to this point.

Monique worked for 11 years as youth counselor at a group home to help troubled teens transition back into their communities. In February 2010, the nonprofit shut down due to state budget cuts. Although Monique still has a part-time job at a liquor store where she has worked for the past 8 years, this has not been enough to afford her mortgage payment.

Monique has gone through the process of trying to get a loan modification writing a hardship letter and sending document after document to US Bank, yet they still refused to work with her and have foreclosed on her home.

"A house across the street from mine just sold for $9,500, and the bank would rather kick me out and let the house sit empty than renogotiate my $130,000 mortage. It makes absolutely no sense." Explained Monique.

She purchased her home for $127,000 in 2003 and has put an additional $30,000 into repairs and improvements. US Bank repurchased it at a sheriff’s sale in January 2011 for $71,000. US Bank has refused to reduce the loan amount to what the house is worth now which would have lowered her mortgage payment by over $400 per month.

Monique wants to stay in the home that her children have lived in for the last eight years. Her 16 year old son is nearing graduation, and she is worried that moving to a new school district would mean he would have new graduation requirements. One of the last things Monique's father did before he died was to help her with the downpayment on her home and now she is in danger of losing everything.

Please sign this petition to demand Richard Davis, CEO of U.S. Bank, negotiate with Monique to find a way to stay in her home.

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      Timothy Newman
      Petition Organizer

      Check out this report from Al Jazeera to learn more about Monique and her efforts to get US Bank to modify her loan.

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    5. This campaign was featured on Democracy Now!

      Timothy Newman
      Petition Organizer

      Homeowner Monique White and the creator of this Change.org campaign, Nick Espinosa, were featured on today's edition of Democracy Now. Follow the link to learn more about this campaign and the growing Occupy Homes movement to safe homeowners from foreclosure.

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    Reasons for signing

      • over 2 years ago

      Hi, we just recently had a victory regarding the eviction that was scheduled for my mother's house. She is safe in her home at this moment. It was the power of the people's voice that made it happen. We protested in front of the banks and letters sent and contact made with the AG's office.

      Please review your originating documents and make sure that the attorney representing the lender has all of the documentation needed to foreclose and/or evict. Upon discovery of my mother's documents, she had been the victim of mortgage fraud and robo-signing.

      Hold them accountable for producing the documents needed. Contact consumer affairs within the ag's office and the prosecutor's office. Many were victims of sub-prime loans that were primarily targeted towards the elderly, low income homebuyers, and minorities. There might be attorneys that are activists willing to take your case on and make what's right happen.

      Stand Strong! You are your best advocate!

    • Anna Bowman WASHINGTON, DC
      • over 2 years ago

      Why allow her to loose her home if she is working and trying to keep it. Give her more time.

      • over 2 years ago

      Monique, I am sorry that you are going through this. I am presently going through this with my mother. However, my mother's records were searched and it was discovered that the originating companies president was convicted of mortgage in 2000 and sentence to jail. HUD has knowledge of homeowners who have been impacted by this person's deceitful practices but failed to notify but do have statistics indicating that in 1998, 2/3 of the homeowners involved were either in foreclosure, have lost their homes, or will lose them in the very near future. Most are just on borrowed time.

      Please have your loan traced from origination to it's present supposed owner. If there was any wrong doing on the part of the originating lender, you might have a case to overturn the foreclosure and stay the eviction until the bank comes to the table to negotiate.

      Also, make your case as public as possible. Contact the AG in your state and ask for intervention. Most of all seek the help of local activists in your area who might be able to make your situation known. Get an attorney! You might find one through some organizations that will take your case pro bono.

      It appears you have been caught up in the housing bubble and the banks knew that most would be in default, in foreclosure, and subsequently lose their homes. There are are no laws to protect the consumers from these banks so you have to use all of your resources to make sure that if there was any wrong doing, they are held accountable.

      Let the public know via press releases, and etc. and the bank trying to evict a woman and her children.

      Let me know if there is anything I can help with.

      In Solidarity!

      Cynthia Johnson

      Please sign my petition as well. I will pass your info on to others as well.


    • Margaret butcher STAR, ID
      • over 2 years ago

      My story is very similar to yours. I have been fighting Wells Fargo on my own for three years now; in and out of three HAMPS; made all the payments, “lost” paperwork every time etc. I was being put through a 4th HAMP when a man knocked on my door; that’s how I found out Wells Fargo had “sold” my home two days before.

      I work as a teacher’s aid in special education and had to quit college for my elementary education degree and interventionist for neglected and abused children, to fight Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo flipped my home back to Freddie Mac, who then filed to evict me and filed summary judgment which they were granted. I filed a “TRO” (temporary restraining order), to prevent the caring out the eviction order - and GOD BE MERCIFUL - the judge granted me the TRO. I still have a long battle and I am so tired.

      I live in Idaho were there is no in state help for homeowners like me and we are now prevented from out of state help by law. I can’t end my own suffering, but must see this through to the end so they are stopped from doing this to others. Every day I work with little ones I witness the damage done to them and their families by these banks...then I go home and fight the same battle for me and mine. I am praying and signing...

      Be strong.


    • james foley FREEDOM, NH
      • over 2 years ago

      Bank people are EVIL, and they always will be. They enjoy money, NOT PEOPLE.

      Bring back the Weather Underground!!!!!!


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