Instate Comprehensive Restorative Justice as Standard Policy at the Center!
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Instate Comprehensive Restorative Justice as Standard Policy at the Center!

    1. Gender JUST
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      Gender JUST

      Chicago, IL

Gender JUST (Justice United for Societal Transformation) implores ALL community members, donors and stakeholders in the Center on Halsted to join us in demanding that the Center prioritize the implementation of comprehensive Restorative Justice policies!

After two years of collaboration with Center on Halsted Youth Program staff, interns and youth patrons, a proposal for Restorative Justice has been authored. This proposal speaks to how inefficiencies in the current grievance process, security management and "zero tolerance" operational policies often escalate harm and lead to further criminalization of youth patrons, obstructing the stated mission of the Youth Program to "support youth…through a comprehensive program which helps youth increase their sense of self-respect and confidence, while gaining the knowledge and skills needed to attain education, personal and other life goals."

CEO Valle's recent assertions in the press that "there is restorative justice" for youth patrons at the Center (without any released documentation of this), talk of some youth programming being put "on hiatus" for the summer, and no news of a hire to fill the Youth Director position are recent points of concern that this proposal, and the assessment it provides is not being taken seriously.

We are committed long term to seeing sustainable, competent Grievance policies and Restorative Justice programming at the Center! Join us and spread the word!!

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    1. Gender JUST releases Restorative Justice proposal presented to the Center

      Gender JUST
      Petition Organizer

      We are 5 weeks into our petition campaign, and we know that the updates have been sparse. But we have been busy, and here's what we have to report:

      Initially, we had decided not to release the completed proposal to the public, primarily in order to respect the anonymity of the student interns and youth patrons who graciously collaborated with us on this document. However, in appealing to the community for support on this issue, we realize that presenting the document to the public would contribute to a culture of transparency that we seek. The names of Center on Halsted interns and youth have been redacted from this document.

      (Please view the proposal we submitted, and the rest of our message in the link provided ;-)

    2. Share Your Thoughts *Directly* w/ the Center!!

      Gender JUST
      Petition Organizer

      Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend ;-)

      We have lots of plans to take the petition to the next level, which you'll be hearing about later this week!

      It has come to our attention that the Center on Halsted is holding an online Planning Survey to commemorate its 5 year anniversary. If you all could take a moment to fill out this survey, and include **urgent** suggestions to follow the recommendations made in the recently completed Restorative Justice Proposal sent to Claudia Mosier, Director of Youth Programs, I believe we can make sure that our message will have even further impact!!

      Your support has meant so much these past few weeks, I know that we are on the cusp of seeing results!!

      Please take a moment to complete the survey, and spread the word!!!

    3. 100 signatures, 1 week!!!!

      Gender JUST
      Petition Organizer

      Morning all!!

      Thanks to you, we reached the incredible benchmark of 100 online signatures this weekend!!

      Though we have no feedback from CoH to report at this time, our collective efforts surely prompted their Friday announcement that Dr. Claudia Mosier has been promoted from interim to fully instated Director of Health & Youth Programs. Tim'm West has also been promoted to Associate Director of Youth Programs. The Director of Youth Programs position had been vacant for at least 7 months, so at least we know who's accountable now!

      Your continuing word of mouth awareness around our petition is what will keep the Center accountable to their word. Please engage us with any questions or concerns, and again, we couldn't have gotten to this point without you!!!

    4. Reached 100 signatures
    5. LIsten to LGBT Youth Voices on Encounters w/ Police

      Gender JUST
      Petition Organizer

      Hello All!!

      We're at day 6 of the campaign, and almost at 50 signatures (almost 100 counting those who signed the paper petition!!)

      To give everyone an idea of the realities for LGBT youth and their experiences w/ "zero tolerance" surveillance and enforcement (both inside and outside the Center on Halsted), check out these audio interviews conducted recently by Vocalo radio and the Broadway Youth Center. Thanks to the Chain Reaction project (sponsored by the PIC Teaching Collective and Project NIA) for posting the interviews!!!

    6. Reached 25 signatures
    7. Support the High HOPES Campaign!!

      Gender JUST
      Petition Organizer

      Thanks for the support everyone!!! We're off to a great start and we really want to show our appreciation to you "early adopters" for signing on and spreading the word!!

      We realize that a lot of folks may not be exposed to the practice and approach of Restorative Justice. A great resource that has been published recently is the report put out by the High HOPES Campaign advocating for Restorative Justice in the Chicago Public Schools please check out the report and follow their work!!

    8. Reached 10 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Veronica Drantz, PhD CHICAGO, IL
      • about 2 years ago

      A restorative justice policy makes sense.

    • Lisa Marie Pickens CHICAGO, IL
      • over 2 years ago

      I support GenderJust's effort to work in collaboration with the COH Staff to institute restorative justice. Again if a Center that gets funding t

    • Nebula Li CHICAGO, IL
      • over 2 years ago

      Because as a queer Chicagoan of color, I demand that institutions that claim to represent and serve me, actually do so. Because a nonprofit is only as good as its reputation, and COH's reputation has been failing lately. Because hypocrisy will not be tolerated. Because I am tired of the racism within the local queer community, and demand change and reform that will make this space anti-oppresive and hold local actors accountable.

    • Rebecca Kling CHICAGO, IL
      • over 2 years ago

      I so very much WANT the Center on Halsted to be a relevant, vibrant, thriving source of queer community, and continue to see it jsut not happening.

    • Ellie Navidson CHICAGO, IL
      • over 2 years ago

      Any policy that has the potential to decrease levels of violence to those most vulnerable to said violence is a policy worth pursuing with honesty and openness.


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