Allow Emergency Vehicles To Be Stored, Customized, and Insured on GTA Online
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Allow Emergency Vehicles To Be Stored, Customized, and Insured on GTA Online

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      The United Clans Organization

This is important to many people who play GTA Online. We are a strong and loyal community who utilize GTA Online as a tool to roleplay and educate others about emergency services. We do not do this to defy the system.

We would like you to enable us to store, customize, and insure the emergency vehicles so that we can keep on roleplaying on GTA Online and not be forced to find another venue to do so.

We would like to see roleplaying clans all over GTA Online grow and help make the GTA Online community a better place, or more like real life. 

We've already adapted to the in-game police being constantly on, so this is not so much an issue. We'd just like to continue doing what we do best.

We urge you to change your policies based on these key issues:

  1. Enabling us to do as this petition suggests would allow you to grow the GTA Online community even farther.
  2. Enabling us to do so would allow us to use your game as a venue for educating the youth of the world, or even just the United States.
  3. Enabling us to do so would prevent anybody in these communities from trying to glitch or circumvent the system in place to protect us.
  4. Without changing said policies, you force us to protest or leave your game and lose interest in using any future Grand Theft Auto franchise game to do what we love to do.

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