CBS Television Studios: Bring Cote de Pablo back to NCIS!

CBS Television Studios: Bring Cote de Pablo back to NCIS!

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      Tegan Kain


For 8 years, Cote de Pablo has been an integral part of the CBS smash hit that is NCIS. Voted TV's Sexiest Law Enforcement Officer, and even one of the US's all time favorite celebrities, Cote has delighted us with her presence on the show as her beautiful yet deadly character Ziva David.

Now after an 8 season run with her on board, the 22 million average viewers of NCIS are forced to look at the bleak future of a program without her, and that is something that has shocked and devastated a large amount of people. 

Ziva is a character that has inspired many girls and women to become the people they are today: to not give up through hardship, fight for their own happiness and find your family. She has taught values such as strength, resilience and courage. I know she has been a huge role model to me personally and it absolutely devastates me to see her character written off like this after such a long time.

So this is why I am making this petition today: please bring Cote back! NCIS isn't NCIS without Cote de Pablo, and this is on behalf of all viewers out there who feel the same.

Bring Cote de Pablo back to NCIS!

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    • Ante Petričević SPLIT, CROATIA
      • 3 months ago

      VERY important.

    • Gaye David GARLAND, TX
      • 4 months ago

      My family loved Ziva and were crushed when we learned she would be leaving the show. She is a wonderful strong character and great role model for young women. The show is not the same without her, I must add. Not nearly as strong a cast. What was CBS thinking to jeopardize the series like this?

    • carmel curran DUBLIN, IRELAND
      • 4 months ago

      Cote is brilliant. Miss the banter between Tony and Cote

    • Ricky Hefner FORT WORTH, TX
      • 4 months ago

      NCIS was the only series that I ever enjoyed watching! I haven't watched it since Cote left. I love everyone on the series, but is not as good without Cote's chemistry with the other characters.

    • John Polashock CARY, NC
      • 4 months ago

      The show has suffered greatly without her. I am losing interest.


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