Rewrite and reshoot the HIMYM ending
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Rewrite and reshoot the HIMYM ending

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You know it's just wrong.

"It would be totally fascinating if this petition actually accomplished its objective. It could redefine TV's show-audience relationship in really interesting ways."
— Katie Woods, Granville, OH

Rewrite and reshoot the HIMYM ending.

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    • Gezzerree Marie Viado MENDEZ, PHILIPPINES
      • 1 day ago

      I'm signing because I believe that Robin and Barney deserves more than that. I watched the whole show and waited for a happy ending and I think we all need a happy ending wherein Barney and Robin gets to be together forever and so is Ted and Tracy.

    • Danielle Bradley FRANKFORT, IL
      • 1 day ago

      I hate how the mother was never fully given a chance. More than I hate the fact that Ted ended up with Robin is the how it was done. I felt like the mother died and within the same breath and he ran after Robin. The mother deserved more than that, we deserved more than that, and even Ted deserved more than that. I understand the want for a twist ending, but it wasn't worth it. I finally let go of the idea of Ted and Robin and was happy with it! The whole ninth season anyways was ROBIN AND BARNEY'S WEDDING! Then the finale hit and they broke up in 5 minutes. I felt like more than not, it was done poorly. Don't get me wrong, I'm not happy with the ending; I loved how it was all set up to end before the last episode. After 9 years, make the fans happy and all the characters what they deserve. I feel like they were all disrespected by this ending.

    • Azzy Rodriguez LAFAYETTE, IN
      • 6 days ago

      Signing this because I was really disappointed with the ending. He searched for the one and I, along with other fans, went on this journey with him only for him to end up with Robin who is not at all right for him. We have seen how Ted and Robin don't work throughout this series. It was out of love and very touching to me that ted searched for the one. That one was the mother and when we finally meet her it was amazing. They had so much in common and you could tell she was the one he was looking for. Then you guys killed her off so he could be with Robin. I hated it. What was the point? To tell us life happens and sometimes you only get a few years (not the rest of your life) with your soul mate? That happily ever after doesn't exist in real life? I wish there was a stronger/better word I could use to describe Ted and Tracy because soul mates doesn't even begin to describe how I felt about them. Ted and Robin had a decent relationship, yes but they weren't meant to be. This concept of them not being meant to be was instilled in our head over and over throughout the series when Ted constantly tired to win her back and she always turned him down and told him she didn't love him that way or in the same way. So tell me, how does Robin get to end up with Ted? How does she deserved Ted? She chose Barney. Now they were also perfect together and should of stayed together. I guess I'm just angry cause I feel like the producers didn't think this through or didn't care what their viewers thought or wanted. This is probably one of the top worst ending to a series (a really good one). I'm really disappointed and I hope you know most people are so what does that tell you? Rewrite the ending and give Ted the ending he deserves.

    • Pabasara Withanage COLOMBO, SRI LANKA
      • 9 days ago

      Because the ending sucks.

    • Waseef Manzur DACCA, BANGLADESH
      • 10 days ago

      I have been a regular viewer and fan of HIMYM from its series premier. For 9 years i have waited eagerly to see Ted meet the mother of his children, for 9 years i have lived every moment waiting and imagining how the ending could be. But never in my wildest imagination had i thought that after making us believe how perfect the Mother is for Ted and how she completes him in every way, the writers would even think about writing her off his life like that.!

      And how could they end Barney-Robin relationship just like that, after everything they had being through to get married. This is a complete joke!

      I, just as so many others, have lived their lives in Ted's shoe for 9 long years. It is already tough for us to accept that such an important part of our life has come to an end, but an end like this, this is preposterous!!!!..

      I just hope hope that the writers can give us an ending that this great show deserves, that we deserve for sticking around all this time waiting. Please don't leave it like this.


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