CBS: Renew Glen Macnow's conract for the WIP afternoon show.
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CBS: Renew Glen Macnow's conract for the WIP afternoon show.

    1. David Auerbach
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      David Auerbach

      Philadelphia, PA

Glen Macnow has been on the radio for 20 years and is a fan favorite sports guy.  He knows Philadelphia sports and Philadelphia fans.  He is one of us.  Paired with co-host Anthony Gargano, the WIP afternoon show has a loyal following.  The WIP afternoon show will not be the same without Glen.  Please renew his contract keeping him paired with Anthony on the afternoon show or face a drop in ratings.  

Marc Rayfield, Director - CBS
Jeff Sottolano, Program Director
Andy Bloom, Operations Manager
Renew Glen Macnow's conract for the WIP afternoon show.

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    • Tom Alexander ABINGTON, PA
      • 6 months ago

      I would have paired Glen & Rob in the afternoon and put Ant on right after them. Glen's knowledge of the PHILLY Sports Scene is noteworthy. Business is business, but I think you could have worked it out better than the 94 WIP execs did.

    • sandra carpenter BETHLEHEM, PA
      • 10 months ago

      I have been a Philly sports supporter forever and listening to GOOD sports talk is my choice of entertainment and information whether spending hours in my kitchen or in my car. The most reasonable and widely knowledgeable person on the station is Glen. He is witty, innovative, engaging, conducts fine interviews, and handles callers with respect and humor. He is a terrific foil for Anthony, who has become overbearing and thinks his opinions are facts. His gushing over athletes and coaches with whom he has a relationship is nauseating. In short, the show has become unlistenable, even with Rob who most likely will submit to being the silent partner rather than adequately filling Glen's role. Angelo may be your cash cow, but he has become a buffoon; Mike and Ike spend way too much time yukking it up or rehashing the same item until it hurts. As for the new guy in the evening...he is abrasive, loud, and impressed with having landed a new gig. Goody for him! In short, the only program I will now listen to with any regularity is Saturday morning with Glen and Ray, two professionals who don't rely on gimmicks, have respect for one another and their callers, and provide insightful analysis of all sports. Do me and many of your listeners a huge favor by bringing Glen back in a daily role or risk losing me during the week.

    • thomas meek PHOENIXVILLE, PA
      • 10 months ago

      Glen Macnow is the best host on my beloved WIP.

    • Michael Hughes BRISTOL, PA
      • 10 months ago

      Glen IS the only reason I listen in the afternoon.

    • frances murray WILMINGTON, DE
      • 11 months ago

      my fav on WIP; listener for over 20 years


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