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Remove Amanda Zuckerman from the Big Brother house.

    1. Robin Ellis Humphrey
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      Robin Ellis Humphrey

      Sedalia, MO

Amanda Zuckerman is on the reality show Big Brother.  She is a horrible bully. She threatened to kill Elissa in her sleep. She spent hours today following her around the house harassing her. Horrible bullying behavior and many of us are sick to death of watching it go on and we want something done NOW!  We have watched Aaryn, GM and Kaitlin earlier in the season do/say horrible things and nothing was done.  And now we are sick of it all.  I for one will NOT be watching or ever paying for live feeds again if this is the type of behavior you are promoting.  It is disgusting.  And it breaks my heart that you all are doing nothing about it.  Elissa has been locked in her HOH room all day because of this.  This is WRONG!  And I would hope this is not the type of behavior you wish to promote.  This petition was started because there are a lot of us out here in TV land that feel something needs to be done.  So now the ball is in your court.  But you should listen to your viewers....because if you don't...you could be having some serious ratings issues in the weeks to come.

FROM: Leigh Recycler and Dinah Smith 

  • Conversation started Monday
  • 5:20pm
    Leigh Recycler

    Dear Robin,

    Thank you for starting this petition! I have shared it with my friends and another friend who shared it with over 100k people! Your petition is gaining momentum and should reach 10k by the end of the week (crossing fingers).

    If you want to update your petition with some of the information I discovered today please feel free to use it. I think it will show CBS several incidences where they will have to take action. Hope this helps!

    Here's my post!

    Please sign this petition to get AMANDA ZUCKERMAN out of the Big Brother house. She has consistently threatened bodily harm to other contestants, bullied people, engaged in heinous racial slurs, speaks about slitting a contestant's throat and raping their dead body (Jessie), stole then broke personal property of a fellow contestant (Elissa's bracelet and Elissa's sign with her name on it from a POV competion). Amanda has consistently broken BB rules and should be immediately expelled from the show but since it is up to the discretion of the producer (we all know how she is friend's with Allison Grodner the executive producer) she is receiving preferential treatment. Those who have live feeds please capture and post on youtube evidence of Amanda breaking the rules so we can show this evidence to CBS and force the producers to take action.

    Today, Andy read out loud some of the rules in the BB handbook that Amanda was given to read. Please see cam 4 at between 12:35-12:37pm PST (August 26).

    August 26, 2013 Cam 4, 12:36 pm PST (Andy reading from Big Brother's rule book). See below:

    *********************************************** BIG BROTHER HOUSE GUEST RULE BOOK

    VIOLENCE: The producers will not tolerate any violence or physical intimidation in the Big Brother House. Any serious threat of violence may be grounds for immediate removal from Big Brother at the producer's discretion.

    If a house guest feels that his or her physical safety is in jeopardy he or she should immediately notify the producers. The intentional destruction or damage to Big Brother property or the property of another house guest is grounds for immediate expulsion from the show at the producer's discretion.


    We DEMAND that CBS and the producers of Big Brother abide by their established rules and remove Amanda Zuckerman from the show.


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      Progress!! Hopefully something good will come of all this! :)

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    • Nancy Adams CHAPMANVILLE, WV
      • 8 months ago


    • julie leclere FRANCE
      • 11 months ago

      car c'est une femme horrible de faire sa et de montrer sa surtout a la television.

    • Arianne Teodoro PARNAMIRIM, BRAZIL
      • about 1 year ago


    • Cathy C MEDFORD, MA
      • about 1 year ago

      Amanda is the most vile disgusting character i have ever watched on TV. It is disgusting that a 28 year old still behaves this way. She is a sociopath and needs serious help.

    • Sherry White RAVENNA, OH
      • about 1 year ago

      Stop Bullying


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