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Let "He Walked Among Us" be produced by "Star Trek: Phase II"

    1. Chris Petree
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      Chris Petree

      Centerville, United States

"He Walked Among Us" is an episode script written Norman Spinrad for the original series of "Star Trek". However, it was never produced and thought to be lost until recently. Since 2004, James Cawley and co. have been producing "Star Trek: Phase II", an entirely fan-made series continuing where The Original Series left off. They've produced several new episodes; some unique, some based on old Trek scripts which had never been made before. "He Walked Among Us" was set to become a Phase II episode, until CBS issued a Cease and Desist, making production of the episode an impossibility. While CBS and Phase II have apparently resolved this issue peacefully, the fact remains this script remains unproduced. And unless there are plans to rework it into a novel, comic, or future Star Trek film, it will never see the light of day. Cawley Entertainment makes no profit from its noble endeavors, and CBS doesn't stand to make a profit from an unused teleplay. We ask that CBS please reconsider their position, and allow this script to be produced.

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