End the silence! Tell Phoenix Hanson's Story!
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End the silence! Tell Phoenix Hanson's Story!

    1. Kristy B
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      Kristy B

      Grover, NC

July 2012


Between the numerous personal emails, calls & posts from supporters and word about the petition & the amount of signatures it was gathering from all over, Nina & Craig were finally contacted by all the stations listed and 3 of 4 were able to connect and do interviews with them which were aired locally July 18th & 19th.

On June 06, 2012, Phoenix Hanson, a five year old with ASD in Osceola county, Florida, was attacked by his teacher at Narcoossee Elementary in front of an eyewitness, the teacher's aid. This was not the first incident, according to the teacher's aid. Prior to that day, the teacher verbally tormented Phoenix and encouraged his classmates to bully him, both physically and verbally. Phoenix's parents, Craig and Nina Hanson, were devastated. There had never been any indication anything was amiss. In fact, the teacher appeared to be a caring, doting, outstanding educator. She sent them text messages frequently, talking about what a great child Phoenix was, what a pleasure to have in her class. All the while, she was singling him out, using his limited speech to target him and hide what was really going on in her classroom.

Charges were filed and everything was handed over to the state as an abuse case. The state attorney still hasn't decided whether or not to pursue charges. Craig and Nina contacted local news stations to help share their story and shed light on what's becoming an alarming trend in special needs classrooms across the country. Despite being given all the information regarding the case, none of the local media has picked up the story. It's being kept quiet, which is not only a slap in the face to the Hanson family, saying that what happened to their son does not matter, but it's a disservice to other families who have a right to know what is happening in their country, in their own backyard, at one of their schools that perhaps their own children attend. 

Help Nina and Craig give Phoenix, and other children like him, a voice! Tell Orlando media to stop the silence and tell Phoenix's story! 



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    1. The Hanson family to be featured on the 11 o'clock news!

      Kristy B
      Petition Organizer

      Tonight (July 18th) both WFTV & ClickOrlando will be airing Phoenix's story at 11pm!

      Thank you, so incredibly much, for all of your support. Your signatures, your shares, your outrage for this family that maybe you know and maybe you don't. After a month of silence, of no progress of any kind, in a week's time, everything has changed for the Hansons. In a week's time, little Phoenix is starting to get the justice he deserves.


    2. Reached 750 signatures
    3. State of Florida filing criminal charges.

      Kristy B
      Petition Organizer

      On July 16th, Nina got a phone call from the state attorney advocate informing her that criminal charges were being filed by the state of Florida against Phoenix's teacher. This is, of course, a huge step towards justice for the Hanson family and a weight lifted from their shoulders, the knowledge that what happened to their son, legally, will not be brushed under the rug.

      We still want the media to stand up and pay attention! As long as things like this continue to go on unreported in the news, awareness will not be widespread.

      Today we celebrate a major victory, but the battle will not be considered won until the conversation is in full swing. Until people are talking about this epidemic that's plaguing our special needs classrooms. We need the media for that to happen on a grand-scale. Please continue to share with family and friends and thank you so much for what you've already done.

    4. Reached 500 signatures
    5. Nina's blog reposted by news site!

      Kristy B
      Petition Organizer

      While there still hasn't been anything in the mainstream media, Nina's blog was posted online by KSIB, a local internet broadcasting site. The word is starting to get out, thanks to your efforts! Please continue to share with any and everyone you can think of. If you have any doubts as to whether or not it's making a difference, well, here's your proof. Thank you all so much!

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    Reasons for signing

    • Franny Stefka SAINT CLOUD, FL
      • over 2 years ago

      My niece has autism. She is blessed with loving and caring special needs teachers. I pray for Phoenix that justice is served and that this teacher is history.

    • Tara Heidinger LAKEWOOD, OH
      • over 2 years ago

      My Moderate Autism Boy was Abused by teachers aide and nothing was done. Aide said it did not happen and not enough proof. I live in Lakewood Ohio and my son attends Horace Mann Elementary school. I started the Facebook Page, https://www.facebook.com/CamerasInSpecialNeedsClassrooms I have many many stories coming in Daily on abuse and false accusations. This will help the little/Non Verbal children have words. This will help teachers and Aides in False Accusations, This will help parents feel more comfortable sending there special needs child to school instead of home schooling them, This will help all safety of these classroom. Please Help make this happen for the special needs classrooms. Thanks.

    • Cindy Bisson ST CLOUD, FL
      • over 2 years ago

      My grandson is autistic and attended Narcoosse as well. He was treated poorly by a couple of staff members and bullied by several students. The school administration did not protect him. We had to withdraw him & placed him in Florida Virtual School.

    • Vaughn Phjllip WALNUT CREEK, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      My wife is Tara (Dinca). I am heartbroken for Phoenix. Let us help get his voice heard. Im so baffled by this. If we cant entrust our teachers to keep our children safe away from home, then who will? Reposting on facebook now.

    • Terri Roeder YPSILANTI, MI
      • over 2 years ago

      As a mother of a child with Down Syndrome, this was one of my worst fears come true. On May 3, 2012 I found out that my son's para pro grabbed my son by the arm, spanked him, and then screamed in his face. Unfortunetly, the prosecuting attorney denied all ten warrants basically because these children are non verbal. My son is three years old. "United we stand, together WE will move mountains"


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