Stop Cats Protection North Shropshire Branch from closing
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Chief executive Cats Protection
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Mandy Hill

Stop Cats Protection North Shropshire Branch from closing

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      Cats Protection North Shropshire Branch

It is with deep regret to inform you that North Shropshire Branch is to close ! This is a decision made by head quarters at Cats protection and they say "they are making CUT BACKS and our branch is now NOT needed . We as a branch have done nothing wrong and feel deeply angered and emotional by this decision.
Rachel , Micheal , Anne , Jenny , Maxine , Jane , mims and Ange have worked so very hard for this branch and we are not giving up yet !
So we are appealing for the decision to be changed.
We feel many cats and kittens (domestic and feral) will suffer if we close as there is NO other Cats protection branch's in Shropshire ! Shropshire is a huge county and Shrewsbury has no cats protection , Ludlow has no cats protection and now North Shropshire cats protection has been closed . Telford Cats protection surely will not cover all that area . This will add extra work in large amounts to other rescues .
We would like help to fight for our branch to stay open !
If you feel you can help please contact Peter Hepburn by email at or head of operations you can write to them or phone 03000121212 .
We are starting this petition to fight to keep our branch open . please share this out to everyone you know in plea for help .
We thank you all so very much for your support , lets hope it not yet goodbye . Thank you all . from all cats and volunteers at North Shropshire cats protection x

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      We have now branched out on our own and started up our own charity called "Shropshire Street Cats " .
      Find us on our web page and on out face book page and on twitter .
      Thank you again for your support please please spread our good news !
      from all of us x

    2. Reached 2,500 signatures
    3. THANK YOU ALL !!

      unfortunately your 2,409 voices have gone unheard .
      The decision to close our branch has been made .

      We would like to Thank each and everyone of you for your on going support and for signing and sharing our story across the world !

      Its been a huge roller coaster of emotions between us all from North Shropshire branch and we are deeply saddened by the decision .

      We will be keeping our pages on Facebook open and will be called "NORTH SHROPSHIRE CATS " . We hope you will still remain a follower of us .

      Many many thanks again for everything

      From all at North Shropshire Branch

    4. News paper article in today's Shropshire star !!

      Today our story hit the paper again , letting the people of Shropshire know the out come of our branches future .
      This is the link -

      This is exactly why our branch is needed in Shropshire !!!
      please email if you should wish to express your support for us.

      Thank you from all of us at North Shropshire Branch

      Petition fails to save cat charity's Shropshire branch

      More than 2,800 people signed a petition in a bid to prevent the north Shropshire branch of Cats Protection from closing. But charity bosses have now confirmed the organisation will close despise protests from its volunteers. Rachel Dams led a 10-week campaign to save the branch after it was announced it could close in June.


      Please, please, if you are able, support your local independent cat rescues – the cats of Shropshire need their help so desperately, the situation out there has never been worse. Sleapy Cat Rescue and Shropshire Cat Rescue are all volunteer run, as we were, and have no paid staff. Every penny they raise is spent directly on cat welfare. They do what they do so very well with compassion, integrity and honesty. Their motivation is intrinsic and free from the corporate constraints of a large organisation.

      Lastly, thank you to all the loyal volunteers and supporters of North Shropshire Branch – it has been a pleasure to know and volunteer alongside you. You have been such towers of strength over the past few weeks.

      To everyone we have met along the way – your kindness will always be remembered xxxx


      Grinshill Rescue for working with us to help cats that we couldn’t; Crewe, Wrexham, Wolverhampton, Stafford, Newtown and Stoke CP for joint working & advice, and all the CP branches from all over the UK, from Aberdeen to Folkestone for your solidarity and speaking up in support of us; Tern Vets, we had only just begun to work with you but it would have been a hugely successful partnership we’re sure; the Shropshire Star & BBC Radio Shropshire for their interest and for supporting our campaign to stay open; to all of you here on FB who signed and shared our petition so valiantly; to anyone and everyone who has ever contacted us and allowed us to help them to help the cats they were concerned about – truly, it has been a pleasure.


      There are so many to thank – all the good souls who have adopted cats and kittens from us and given them a place in their hearts and homes – sending our love to them; Market Drayton Vets, who helped us to neuter well over a 1000 cats and always with such care and consideration for the animals; Pets First in Market Drayton, for all the freebies and support; the shoppers of Tesco, Whitchurch for their constant and plentiful food donations; Just Pets in Whitchurch for their support and helping to spread the neuter message; everyone who has donated saleable goods to us & dropped things off at the vets; Drayton Gossip for their generous discounts on adverts; Eve at Sleapy Cat Rescue for a source of sterling advice and practical help; Shropshire Cat Rescue for working with us so positively, signposting people to us for neutering assistance; the local branch of Shropshire RSPCA who have been amazing and came to our rescue in July so admirably


      So much kindness has been shown to us over the past 2 years, and that compassion and generosity of spirit has always been passed on to those animals who needed it most.

    9. continued ......

      We are so very sorry that the outcome wasn’t different and are heartbroken for all the cats who will now not get the help they deserve and need - it has been an immense privilege to help the cats and kittens of Shropshire during the past 2 years, and we would do it all again in a heartbeat.

    10. continued ....

      We are not appealing to you to support the existence a local Branch in order to polish our egos – we will gladly stand aside as we have no right to force our voluntary efforts on any organisation, and if we are not wanted, we certainly would not wish to do so. We are asking this for the cats needing help right now and those of the future, and for all the good citizens of Shropshire who would wish to follow in our footsteps and become the volunteers and ambassadors for CP for years to come.
      North Shropshire Branch has, and could continue, to alleviate suffering and foster responsibility and kindness towards cats through all its actions. Whichever path is now chosen, please let it be one which leads to compassion and a true and just outcome for cats.

    11. continued ......

      Sadly the 2,800 voices (on line & paper petition) in support of the need for a CP Branch here went unheard by the organisation. In addition, the Branch volunteers submitted 3 reports to the Chief Executive and Trustees outlining why the Branch was needed and how well it was doing, but to no avail.
      We would like to share a small part of our final submission to CP with you:
      Public support & the petitions – huge amounts of Shropshire people have expressed their wish for a local Branch and they need that Branch to be responsive, conscientious and compassionate. Local people are not concerned with who is in which committee role; they simply clearly see the need for the Branch, regardless of the politics. They are the supporters and volunteers of the here and now and to come – their collective view of CP is far reaching.

    12. SAD NEWS !

      After 10 weeks of fighting to keep a local Branch of CP here in North Shropshire, we are truly immensely sorry to tell you that the message below was received yesterday from CP head office.

      “The Board of Trustees has received your appeal against the decision to dissolve the North Shropshire branch. It was received by every member of the board on the morning of Monday 16 September 2013.Having read your final submission and considered it we are sorry to have to inform you that we have decided to confirm our previous decision and so the North Shropshire Branch has now been dissolved.
      We did take account of your information about the area but had to weigh that against supporting development in very large areas of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland where there are no branches at all.
      Once again the Board would like to thank you for all that you did for cats in the area during your time with the charity.”

    13. over 2000 signatures !! THANK YOU !

      We are now on 2,053 signatures , really we can not thank you all enough for your support . We hope to hear about the review in 2 weeks time ! Fingers and paws crossed !!!! But until then please keep asking everyone to sign the petition and spread the word on facebook and twitter. Thank you from all of us at North Shropshire Cats Protection :-)

    14. Reached 2,000 signatures
    15. please keep sharing our petition

      We thank you all so much for signing and sharing our petition , we are at 1,711 now . That is GREAT !! Thank you . Please continue to sign and share ! Hope to have an update on our appeal from CP head office soon !!!

    16. Mandy Hill goes on BBC radio Shropshire !

      Just heard that The Head of Operations for the North was interviewed on BBC Radio Shropshire on Monday ( we listened to the podcast) - she said we mainly did neutering and didn't mention any of the re-homing/ welfare/ fundraising/education work we have done at all - adds insult to injury to be honest! Fingers crossed for a good outcome - we'll keep up the fight for sure. Please keep sharing our petition . thank you for your support 1,631 :-) BRILLIANT !!

    17. WOW ! JUST WOW ! 1564 signatures

      What can we say we are absolutely over whelmed by how many people have signed this petition ! We really can't thank you all enough for your support ! BIG THANKS TO YOU ALL !

    18. Reached 1,500 signatures
    19. 1000 signatures !! THANK YOU !!

      Well 1000 +signatures! wow Thank you all so much, we can not thank you all enough for your support.
      Lets keep this going . Thanks

    20. Reached 1,000 signatures
    21. 36 more to hit 1000 !

      We are absolutely overwhelmed by your support Thank you !! please please share this everywhere possible . Hopefully we can make the target of 1000 this weekend ! Big Thanks again from all of us

    22. We can not Thank you all enough ! 900 signatures !

      Yesterday we heard from Chief Executive Peter Hepburn. He tells us the review into the decision of Regional Staff to close the Branch should be complete in the next 3 weeks.
      In the meantime, please could we ask you all to carry on sharing our petition with friends and family - let's keep fighting - the cats are definitely worth the effort.
      Thank you all.

    23. A BIG THANK YOU !! continued ...

      All of the volunteers are completely dedicated to helping cats and kittens in need in Shropshire – the Branch has done so much good in the last two years and had gained the support of many local people - we were voted Sainsbury’s Market Drayton ‘Charity of the Year’ only a few weeks ago – we really do hope to be able to carry on.

      Please continue to share our petition - with many, many thanks for your support from all of us here.

    24. A BIG THANK YOU !!

      A Thank you from North Shropshire CP volunteers.
      Our on line petition began two weeks ago and has steadily grown, currently standing at 840 signatures, with support coming from many Shropshire residents and cat lovers around the UK, and from as far afield as America and Australia.
      Volunteers have been out and about in Market Drayton town too and have collected more than 400 signatures on paper petitions – these have been sent to the NCC (National Cat Centre) in Sussex.
      People have been fabulous, it is an amazing response and we are overwhelmed that over 1200 members of the public have now voiced their support for the continued presence of a CP Branch in north Shropshire – it’s so heart-warming.
      A report of supporting information was sent by the Branch to Peter Hepburn on 22 July – we are still awaiting a response and of course hope that the decision will be reversed as soon as possible. continued ...


    Reasons for signing

      • 5 months ago

      I have cats. One of them died back in March due to being attacked by a ferral cat. This would be a great loss if this branch closes.

    • Anita Kanitz STUTTGART, GERMANY
      • 8 months ago

      Until we have the courage to recognize cruelty for what it is--whether its victim is human or animal--we cannot expect things to be much better in this world...

      -- Rachel Carson

      * We cannot have peace among men whose hearts delight in killing any living creature. By every act that glorifies or even tolerates such moronic delight in killing we set back the progress of humanity.

      -- Rachel Carson

      • 9 months ago

      Any animal charity should remain open. There are more and more unwanted cats needing homes. I thought better of the cats protection. i have supported our local branch for over 3 years since adopting a cat from them> The Chief Executvies want sacking and new staff employed who have the cats interests at heart.

      • 9 months ago

      As an animal lover I am appalled by Cats Protection's decision regarding closures.

    • Trish Geidel FINDON, AUSTRALIA
      • 10 months ago



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