to change the dog life in Cuba.
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to change the dog life in Cuba.

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Maria de las Nieves Lopez Rabago, alias Yamile, hates dogs, and life gave him the chance to be born in Cuba, a country where there are no laws protecting the animals, she swear I will kill Pucho, Lucky and Nuly. These three dogs living with Jorge Diaz, in an apartment shared by him and Yamile, though she does not live in that apartment for many years, this public housing is in litigation with George but this will protect the right, by a resolution issued to allowed to continue in that house until the process is completed investigative, knowing all this Yamile, proceeding to use other methods that may lead coarcitivos Jorge to repeat to you a heart attack that caused her to it, last year with their scandals and quarrels.
The 1st. Once this woman put poison them, the owner found in time for the obvious signs of poisoning and were saved at the vet, he made complaints to the police and nothing happened.
The 2nd. Once she took two officers Zoonoses (agency responsible for collecting and killing them to animals) but the owner was in and they are not able to go, again denounce a second time, nothing happened.
The third. After a few days, on 15 August this year 2012, was the owner of the dogs at work, this woman appeared again with officials of Zoonoses and took the dogs, the neighbors of the building to listen to the dogs barking, but could not prevent that took quickly called George. The dogs were released the next day. Without being the owner of the dogs Yamile had delivered a letter authorizing to kill them. He turns to the police report for the third time.
In Cuba there are thousands of stray dogs, sick, injured and have not been collected, but these three dogs, health history, medical, veterinary care, and loved by his owner. They had been abused on three occasions, in addition to the blows that have been touched, reported by neighbors and reported on many occasions. Yamile should be preparing another plan to kill them, because she may have other abusers who have no qualms about hurting animals. We demand that the Cuban government to create laws to protect animals in Cuba, so that unscrupulous people, like Maria de las Nieves Lopez Rabago can no longer doing damage

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    • caridad lopez WEST NEW YORK, NJ
      • about 2 years ago

      It is the way for many firms and many voices come together and can be laws that protect animals in Cuba, there Shelters for pick up stray dogs and they are not slaughtered.

    • caridad lopez WEST NEW YORK, NJ
      • about 2 years ago

      If you love the animals, please signing and help us.!


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