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Canine Breed Discrimination

Canine Breed Discrimination: Abolish Breed Restrictive Housing in Georgia

    1. Shakira Fuchu Mike Parks
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      Shakira Fuchu Mike Parks

      Dunwoody, GA

Canine profiling based on breed name alone results in the killing of thousands of puppies and dogs, and wastes millions of taxpayer dollars. Eradicating breed discrimination is not only an animal welfare issue, it is a property rights issue, and a matter of economic justice.

People are being forced to give up their pets or pay unfair fines or be evicted. Thousands of dogs are being abandoned and killed based on fear instead of facts. Breed restrictions at apartment communities need to be abolished. The breed is not at fault, and dogs should be evaluated on a per case basis.

Why must a well behaved dog die just because of it's breed, and vicious small dogs get to live?

It is time to do the right thing! Pets are family and need to be protected.

Canine Breed Discrimination
Abolish canine profiling

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    • Anne Thompson MARIETTA, GA
      • about 1 year ago

      I own a pitt she has never harmed anyone or thing. People see her and yell or run and no matter the breed you should never do either. People need to learn about what they fear and teach the children, stop hiding from what they do not know pitts were the first and only breed of dog who were given a purple heart for the lives they saved in war.

    • darcie boelter DENVER, CO
      • over 1 year ago

      BSL and breed profiling merely hurts the dog and the people who are caring, ethical and careful owners


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