Canadians for anti-bullying legislation
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Canadians for anti-bullying legislation

    1. Canada unites to end bullying
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      Canada unites to end bullying

      mississauga, Canada

Workplace bullying:

In 1999, the International Labour Organization declared workplace harassment and violence one of the most serious problems facing the workforce in the new millennium. At the time, 75 per cent surveyed said they were bullied at work.

The Canadian Safety Council reports that 75 per cent of victims of bullying leave their jobs and that workplace is four times more common than sexual harassment or workplace discrimination.

Source: CBC News.

Bullying is so wide spread, that even a chartered bank is willing to go as far as breaking the law to defend this behaviour in its Mississauga workplace.

I am a former employee of a chartered bank that has local branch operations in the city of Mississauga East- Cooksville. The manager of the branch where I worked engaged in bullying her staff and referred to me as a “loser” and a “nobody” on a daily basis. This bank manager also created a name-badge for me that displayed my name as Victor and my position at the bank being that of a “nobody”. The manager required me to wear this badge in the workplace, daily, until she deemed I was a “somebody”. After raising my concerns to the bank’s human resources department, I was fired from my job without any legal cause or reason; as determined by a Federal Labour Department Ruling on file No.MHWC02771, dated February 23, 2011. To my surprise, it took five gruelling years of lobbying the Federal Government via letters, e-mails, phone calls and attorneys to prosecute the bank for its multiple and transparent violations of the Canada Labour Code.

The government remained ever reluctant over those (5) years to address this matter or to enforce the law, and have since taken no action to protect Canadians who may encounter bullying in the workplace. This behaviour has become so normalized, that in the absence of government regulation, Canadians who are subjected to bullying and subsequent illegal labour practices, are required to single-handedly take on corporations who are willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars defending their actions. Canadians should not be subjected to losing their employment when requesting the assistance of the employer to address bullying in the workplace.

Silence on this matter sets a damaging precedent and has negative repercussions that affect other residents of Canada and the U.S. In the year 2010, the province of Ontario highlighted Bill 168 to address workplace bullying, legislation that the Federal Government should replicate to protect Canadians going forward. Citizens and their children do not deserve to be bullied, and any corporation that is willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars defending this behaviour in Canada, needs to be stopped. 

Mr. Wladyslaw Lizon, The Member of Parliament for Mississauga East- Cooksville, is aware of this respective branch in his riding that is situated across the street and only meters away from his constituency office.

  • MP Lizon, we ask for you to take a stand against bullying, and advocate for the rights of all Canadians by requesting that your Conservative Government table anti-bullying legislation, which will deter federally regulated corporations in Canada, such as the bank in your riding, from breaking the law.


The government awarded me a net amount of $2,518.26 for the illegal termination, monies that rightfully belong to every Canadian who has lost their battle to bullying. I will spend this money on printing flyers and labels to petition our politicians to make workplace violence illegal in our community. Please lend your support and sign this petition to make bullying illegal in Canadian workplaces.



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    1. Federal MP Cuzner takes a stand via his message to petitioners

      Canada unites to end bullying
      Petition Organizer

      Thank you for your interest and correspondence in regard to work place bullying. I believe that this is an important issue that is underestimated by too many in Canada. When we look at the latest statistics, they reveal that almost 40% of workers have been affected by some level of bullying. Unfortunately, bullying can take different forms and none of them should be accepted.

      The social and economic impact of bullying are significant and we urge all employees who are bullied to come forward with the issue, and most importantly, we urge all employers to take the necessary measures to ensure a bullying free workplace environment.

      Thank you again for expressing your concern by signing this petition.

      Rodger Cuzner
      Liberal critic for Human Resources & Skills Development and Labour

    2. Decision-maker MP Rodger Cuzner responds:

      MP Rodger Cuzner

      Thank you for your interest and correspondence in regard to work place bullying. I believe that this is an important issue that is underestimated by too many in Canada. When we look at the latest statistics, they reveal that almost 40% of...

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    4. MP Lizon is sending a form letter to petitioners

      Canada unites to end bullying
      Petition Organizer

      This form letter does not address the issue or hint as to what action MP Lizon will take to have his government pass anti-bullying legislation.--- Sadly, this is clearly talk with no action on his part.

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    Reasons for signing

      • 10 months ago

      I have been a victim of a bully for my entire life by a brother

    • Dale Hamm EDMONTON, CANADA
      • 10 months ago

      Bullying is not just prevalent in the workplace, but in acreoos the board in Federal penitentiaries, Federal Government offices by Federal employees to their co-workers and passed on to their chages in these offices and institutions. ALL BULLYIMG OF ANY KIND SHOULD HAVE CONSENCEQUENCES whether civil or criminal infractions with consequesces to fit the offence.

    • Anita Kanitz STUTTGART, GERMANY
      • 11 months ago

      "The engine of my entire action is justice.

      Anything else would be a missed life for me "... (Alice Schwarzer)

    • Corinne Rico YORK, CANADA
      • about 1 year ago

      Our daughter was a victim of bullying in grade 1-2 until the child moved away. It was horrible worrying each day when we picked her up what happened that day at school. We are very anti-bullying and intervene if we see it happening in our school, local park or neighborhood.

      • over 1 year ago

      People shouldn't have to undergo such oppression and its a human right which is daily being abused.


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