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Help Malta! Help African Immigrants!

    1. Petition by

      joseph hall jr

      baltimore, MD

1000s of African Immigrants have landed on Malta fleeing from war.Malta lacks the resources and cash to care for such a large mass wave of immigrants.In the last decade more then 16,000 people have came from Libya,Somalia,Sudan,and Syria and more arriving almost daily.These immigrants are largely unemployed and are unable to provide a quality life for their loved ones.Give them a chance Canada.Please take in atleast 500 people and if you can take in 1,000 that would be ideal.Malta is only the tenth the size of the United States state of Rhode Island and their native population is roughly 400,000.This is about human rights and the chance for a better life.European Law states if you land on a country then you remain there.Those who try and leave to a neighboring European country are sent back to Malta.The United States have took in 1,000 families thus far and i urge Canada to do what it can to help out their fellow man.

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