Campbell Newman: stop imposing absurd and dangerous cost-cutting measures on our firefighters
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Campbell Newman: stop imposing absurd and dangerous cost-cutting measures on our firefighters

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      Queenslanders Uniting

Campbell Newman’s newest funding cut could be putting lives in danger.

The government has allegedly just ordered firefighters not to use foam to put out fires -- except in the most “extreme” circumstances.

Foam is the safest and most effective way of putting out most fires, especially dangerous, highly flammable liquids like petrol and kerosene. The only problem? The Newman government seems to think it’s too expensive.

Last week, Channel 10 reported on the “cost-cutting” measure, and showed footage of firefighters trying to put out a fire in an empty car. It took them almost 30 minutes. With foam, it would have been out in seconds.

This isn’t just ineffective, it’s dangerous. Every extra minute that the fire burns means there’s a risk it could re-ignite, and exposes firefighters to smoke, toxic fumes or chemicals.

Campbell Newman says it’s necessary to pull funding from some of the community’s most important services. But in the meantime, he’s still found $80 million for racing, including a new greyhound track and goat racing.

Firefighters do some of our community’s most important, dangerous and life-saving work. They’re the last people Newman should be targeting with his cuts.

Please sign the petition and show Campbell Newman the public won’t stand for this.

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    • Toni Cannard NON-US, CO
      • almost 2 years ago

      I'm a firefighter and I'm absolutely gobsmacked - another example of economic absurdity!

    • Samara Lister AUSTRALIA
      • almost 2 years ago

      Cost cuts will not only make the accessability of firefighters harder it will also put them in danger because budget cuts means protective equipment doesn't get replaced as often as it should, maintanence is not a regimented and our firefighters will be working longer hours. We all may need these guys one day so back them up.

    • Marie Marchese CLEVELAND, AUSTRALIA
      • almost 2 years ago

      Queenslands' face enormous challenges without proper firefighting services. This is not the Queensland that was sought - now we have a tyrant.

    • Jamie Richardson AUSTRALIA
      • about 2 years ago

      1- i am a fire fighter

      2- where has the aim of zero harm gone

      3- in the last five years Australian Emergency Services has shown they can not only protect their community but protect their country, why would making their job harder and risking lives even be an option

    • paul hornsby AUSTRALIA
      • about 2 years ago

      im a former volunteer rural firefighter and i think ur can do to the firefighter community is an absolute load of crap. pull ur friggin head in or put ur resignation in


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