Call on the Ministry of Education to Enforce Their Policy in Support of Gay Straight Alliances(GSAs)
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Call on the Ministry of Education to Enforce Their Policy in Support of Gay Straight Alliances(GSAs)

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      Queer Ontario

With the ban and subsequent unbanning of Gay Straight Alliances (GSAs) in Halton, and now the denial of a request to form a GSA at St. Joseph's Catholic Secondary School in Mississauga, the Ministry of Education continues to remain silent on their own Policy as found in Policy/Program Memorandum 145* that obligates School Boards to support GSAs. The Policy reads:


"In order to promote a positive school climate, school boards must provide opportunities for all members of the school community to increase their knowledge and understanding of such issues as homophobia, gender-based violence, sexual harassment, inappropriate sexual behaviour, critical media literacy, and safe Internet use. Ontario's curriculum provides many opportunities for students to develop an understanding of these topics. Boards must also help school staff to give support to students who wish to participate in gay–straight alliances and in other student-led activities that promote understanding and development of healthy relationships. Schools must also engage their school councils and student councils to support these student-led activities.”


By signing this petition today, you are joining us in calling for the Ministry of Education to end it's silence and to enforce it's Policy in support of students wishing to form and/or participate in a Gay Straight Alliance. Only together can we make sure that it gets better!




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