Call for Shut Down of Metsamor Nuclear Power Plant in Armenia
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Call for Shut Down of Metsamor Nuclear Power Plant in Armenia

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      Fariz Huseynov

      Fargo, ND

The recent earthquake in Japan has shown vividly the inherent dangers of nuclear power plants in seismically-active areas. If Japan was caught off-guard, then what is to say of the undemocratic and economically poor country of Armenia? The Metsamor Nuclear Power Plant (Metsamor NPP) was built during the 1970s, about 20 miles west of the Armenian capital of Yerevan (with 1.1 million population) in the city of Metsamor closer to the eastern border of Turkey and to Georgia. Academic study supported by Tubitak finds that in case of natural disaster in the Metsamor NPP, all area of Turkey and South Caucasus would be exposed to high radioactivity in a short period of time.   

The plant was constructed with two VVER-440 Model V230 nuclear reactors that are classified by The European Union (EU) as the "oldest and least reliable" category of all the 66 Soviet reactors built in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. The design of the Metsamor NPP is much the same as those which the European Union (EU) insisted be shut down before Bulgaria and Slovakia joined the EU.

Metsamor is located in the area which has an 11-magnitude earthquake risk. It was built to withstand only a 9-magnitude earthquake. After the devastating 6.9- magnitude earthquake in Armenia in 1988, the authorities decided to close it, which is a proof that the Armenian authorities of that period realized the threat of Metsamor NPP in case of a natural disaster. 

Although the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) documents expressed concerns more than once, that Metsamor NPP situated in the seismically active zone is a source of serious danger for all of the Caucasus region (Doc. 9148 of 27/06/01; Doc. 9336 of 31/01/02; Doc. 9444 of 07/05/02) unfortunately, the plant is still operational.

Austrian Foreign Minister Hans Winkler, an Armenian chemist and environmentalist campaigner and head of the Green Union of Armenia, Hakob Sanasaryan, Georgian physicist Mikhail Kaviladze are among many who have claimed that Metsamor NPP does not meet internationally accepted nuclear safety standards. 

Please join us to call international organizations, the U.S. Congress and Government, and all major Western countries to increase pressure on Armenia to shut down Metsamor NPP and to make all foreign aid to Armenia conditional to the immediate closure of the this nuclear plant this year.

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    • Ramil Muharramov JEDDAH, SAUDI ARABIA
      • over 3 years ago

      Later that month, the US magazine Foreign Policy ranked Metsamor as one of the world’s five most dangerous nuclear power plants.

      Commenting on the findings of the useless IAEA inspection team

      “There is no industrial activity that does not pose any risk, but I think the results of our inspection show that this risk [at Metsamor] is acceptable,” Gabor Vamos, the Hungarian head of the 11-member IAEA Operational Safety Review Team for Armenia, told reporters on June 2 after a 17-day review of the nuclear power plant.

    • Ramil Muharramov JEDDAH, SAUDI ARABIA
      • over 3 years ago

      Azerbaijan sees political motives in Metsamor nuclear power plant

      06.06.2011 16:14

      Political motives play a great role in the continuation of the Metsamor nuclear power plant's activity (NPP) in Armenia, Azerbaijani Ecology and Mineral Resources Minister Huseyngulu Bagirov told media.

      "I think that the moments of power engineering are very insignificant," Bagirov said. "But there are great political motives. We do not know what Armenia wants to gain from these political motives and whether it will gain at all"

      Armenia blackmails the world through the plant's activity, Bagirov said.

      "The attitude of the countries towards nuclear power rapidly changes in the world," Bagirov said. "The developed Japan was defenseless against the threat. Germany thinks about taking more serious security actions."

      The Metsamor NPP was built in 1970.

      After the devastating Spitak earthquake the activity of this plant had been suspended, but in 1995, despite international protests, the work of the station was reactivated, and in addition, the second reactor was launched.

      Despite the fact that the EU has demanded the immediate closure of the station until 2011 and declared its readiness to assign 100 million euro to Armenia to cover its energy needs, the country has not agreed.

    • Ramil Muharramov JEDDAH, SAUDI ARABIA
      • over 3 years ago finally IAEA went to inspect the metsamor plant. I think our campaign played a major role for which I congratulate all the activists and supporters.

    • Ramil Muharramov JEDDAH, SAUDI ARABIA
      • over 3 years ago
    • "Jaya" Sensintaffar ROSEVILLE, CA
      • over 3 years ago

      Dear Sirs,

      I have serious concerns about the MAGNETIC SOLAR STORMS predicted to happen from 2012-2013, by NASA, and our Nuclear Power Plants.

      As a sci-fi writer, I thought about the frailty of the back-up cooling systems for nuclear power plants. All fancy science aside they are still only boiling water with highly toxic Nuclear Power, gambling that no accident or act of nature will EVER happen, to them.

      Once the electric grid fails, the local water pumps would fail. This could be prevented by installing special resistors before the transistors. You can find much of this info at under heliophysics and solar flares and storms.


      During a hearing in California, in March 2011, scientists discussed that a possible nuclear accident at Diablo Canyon, has been estimated to cost at least $213 BILLION. This sounds low to me considering that 3 Mile Island cost 100 Billion to clean up. And 3 Mile Island was due to the cooling system being accidently shut off for 2 hours before being discovered and then turned back on.

      THE MATH:

      So, lets estimate; 250 Billion is 1/4 th of a TRILLION dollars for one clean up. So, only, 4 malfunctioning nuclear power plants; (after a large earthquake, tsunami, or a geomagnetic storm), would cost about one TRILLION to clean up.

      And if 104 Nuclear Power Plants start to have a partial melt down from the generators and especially the water pumps failing after the MAGNETIC SOLAR STORM as predicted by NASA, it could be the cause of a NUCLEAR Armageddon. TRILLIONS of dollars would have to be spent, for the clean up, about 26 TRILLION dollars to be exact. Nuclear Power is an industry that GAMBLES that no tornado, earthquake, tsunami, rogue wave, hurricane, asteroid, or electrical solar storm, will ever hit it. In Japan, TEPCO admitted, they had no plan in case of an accident.

      SOLUTION: STOP putting billions into outdated NUCLEAR POWER and invest in WIND and SOLAR. I will not vote for anyone who supports Nuclear Power, again.

      Sincerely, "Jaya" Sensintaffar, BA in science


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