Californians! Protect the California Coast from Oil Spills!
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Californians! Protect the California Coast from Oil Spills!

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October 2011


A message from Greenpeace:

Victory!-- Californians! Protect the California Coast from Oil Spills!

Thanks to the tireless work of a broad coalition of supporters and people like you, Governor Jerry Brown has signed The Oil Spill Preparedness Act into law.

California will now have the resources and programs needed to prevent and respond to oil spills as best it can. As gateways for global commerce, San Francisco Bay and the L.A. and Long Beach Harbors are used for more than 6,000 oil transfer operations—known as bunkering and lightering—each year, effectively creating a daily threat of oil spills in these waters. In 2010, more than 400 million barrels of oil were transferred across the State’s open waters to bunker and lighter ships—filling their giant tanks with fuel or offloading crude oil cargo. In most cases these operations, many involving high volume transfers of toxic oil products, are conducted safely and without incident; however, mechanical failures and human errors do occur, and oil spills happen.

With AB 1112 signed into law the Office of Spill Prevention and Response (OSPR) will enact regulations that increase oversight and monitoring of those daily oil spill threats laying and waiting in our blue-water front yard. Significantly, and the source of strong opposition form the oil industry, this bill provides a reprieve to the State’s financially floundering oil spill prevention and response programs by adding a one and a half penny increase to the fee charged on imported oil. That per-barrel oil fee, currently set at five cents and only increased once since its inception in 1990 (by one penny in 2002), creates the oil spill fund that pays for California’s prevention and response programs. Still, political will to pass this bill was weak in the face of the powerful oil industry lobby. A final amendment to the bill, bringing enough votes for its passage, was a three year sunset provision. This means that the law and all the needed revenue and policy improvements that it provides will no longer be legally required after three years time. The fight goes on, thank you for all your support.

Take Action to Keep California’s Coasts, Beaches and Bays Safe From Oil Spills

The CA Senate is set to vote next week on a Make It or Break It bill for California! Call your Senator today – really!! This vote is going to be tight – the oil industry doesn’t want to pay to keep California safe - and the only way to convince key swing Senators to vote against the recommendations of the Oil Industry lobbyists if they hear from you, their constituents.

California’s oil spill prevention and response programs are running out of money and if we don’t act now we will be left unprotected!

Californians value our beautiful marine environment and the law purposefully requires that we have the “Best Achievable Protection” from oil spills. That’s why the Oil Spill Prevention Administration Fund (Oil Spill Fund) was established with a fee charged on every barrel of oil that comes into California to fund critical oil spill prevention and response programs. But that fee has only been increased once, by one penny, in the fund’s history and it has not kept pace with inflation or today’s standards of best achievable protection from oil spills.

Tell these Senators to Put Californians Before Oil Industry Profits!

The oil industry doesn’t want to pay the one and three quarter penny needed to keep California protected – a one penny increase will generate about $5 mil annually to the Oil Spill Fund. Can the oil industry afford the increase? Yes they can! Second quarter profits for only the big five oil companies topped $35 billion – a 9% boost over 2010 profits. Californians on the other hand, are paying more of their dwindling paychecks at the pumps and will be relying on the Senate to vote yes for AB 1112 to keep our waters free from oil. Call these Senators today and let them know you want them to put Californians before the oil industry’s astronomical profits!!

What can you do next? Call our senate targets and express your concern:

Sen. Rod Wright- staff: Stan DiOrio 916-651-4025

Sen. Juan Vargas- staff: Jim Anderson 916-651-4040 

Sen. Michael Rubio- staff: Sergio Reyer 916-651-4016

Sen. Ron Calderon- staff: Sean Henschel 916-651-4030

Sen. Ed Hernandez- staff: Walter Hughes 916-651-4024

Sen. Curren Price- staff: Curtis Earnest 916-651-4026

Sen. Gloria Negrete-McLeod- staff: Vince Marchand 916-651-4032


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    1. Victory! Governor Jerry Brown Signs AB 1112 into law!

      Thanks to all of your support and the hard work of a strong coalition, Governor Jerry Brown signed The Oil Spill Preparedness Act. California will have the resources and programs needed to prevent and respond to oil spills as best it can! Read our campaigner Jackie Dragon's blog post to find out more!

    2. AB 1112 Passes Senate and Assembly!

      Great news! AB 1112 passes the CA State Senate and Assembly! The next stop is the Governor's office! We'll keep you all updated with the result. Thank you all for your support. All of the calls and emails you sent in have made a huge difference.

    3. Vote is happening today!

      Friends! Our campaigner Jackie just told me the vote is probably happening today. Please call your California Senator now and take action!

    4. Keep the Pressure On! Take Action Now!

      Hey Californians! Help us keep the pressure on and make the state legislators come out of their shells and vote for oil spill protection!

    5. The Bill will come back for a vote soon!

      Last Tuesday the vote failed, but we still have a week to bring it back! Share this petition now!

    6. Senate Vote Probably Tuesday!

      We've been informed that this bill will probably go to vote tomorrow, Tuesday 8/30. Please call these Senators on the fence!
      Sen. Rod Wright, Sen. Ron Calderon, Sen. Juan Vargas, and Sen. Ed Hernandez

    7. Senator Leland Yee has expressed support!

      Great News! Senator Yee has expressed his support for AB 1112. Your calls and emails are working, thanks for your support. -Meena

    8. Reached 250 signatures
    9. Senate Vote as Early as MONDAY

      Hey CA-
      The state senate is back in session Monday, and they have a long list of bills to vote on. This one is on the list! So please, call your senator, or the senate offices listed and tell them to support oil spill prevention!


    10. Big Oil Companies Post Huge Profits on High Gas Prices

      Going broke over gas? Well your loss is Big Oil's gain. At least make them pay for their mistakes and prevent spills!

    11. Reached 50 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Alan Francisco SAN YSIDRO, CA
      • about 3 years ago

      Wildlife slaughter and ecosystem contamination shouldn't serve the public.

    • Hester Goedhart DAYBORO, AUSTRALIA
      • about 3 years ago

      We must work on all levels to END ANTHROPOGENIC ECOCIDE... NOW!!!

      • about 3 years ago

      I spent three weeks in the Los Angeles and Fullerton areas, and they were so clean. Please protect your coastline.

    • Barbara Fysh DESERT HOT SPRINGS, CA
      • about 3 years ago

      California’s oil spill prevention and response programs are running out of money and if we don’t act now we will be left unprotected!

    • Stephanie Strait BERKELEY, CA
      • about 3 years ago

      It's up to us to protect birds and other marine life from corporate greed.


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