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Calgary Board of Education, Sir James A. Macdonald School, Calgary Police

Calgary Board of Education, Sir James A. Macdonald School, Calgary Police: Recognize and commend publicly the bravery of 13 y.o Briar MacLean

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      Richard Eichelberg

      Leiden, Netherlands

On May 28th, 2013, Briar MacLean, a 13 year old student of Sir John A. Macdonald Junior High School, Calgary, was in a study period at school, when a situation broke out between 2 pupils, one of whom was being bullied, and was put in a headlock by the other child. Briar saw his classmate being headlocked, and was not aware that the bully was in possession of a knife.

Without any thought for himself or his safety, Briar stepped in and defended his classmate, and pushed the teenaged bully away.

His teacher took notice of this and called the principal. Briar went round the rest of the day as normal, until at 4th period, he was called to the vice-principal's office, and was not allowed to leave.

His parents were contacted, and told he'd been involved in an "incident" - that he'd decided to "play hero". Briar's mom was told that the school did not condone heroics. When she questioned this by asking if, in the time it took for Briar to get a teacher, the other child's throat could have been cut, she was told "Yes, but that's beside the point."

Briar has been clearly wronged by the school, and Calgary Police Service are "investigating" the incident. The bully even made a statement to police.

It is the intention of those undersigned on this petition, to formally and openly ask that the Principal and Vice-Principal of Sir James A. Macdonald Junior High School, the Chief Superintendent and Members of the Calgary Board of Education, and the Calgary Police Service, to recognize the brave actions of Briar MacLean, and to formally commend him for protecting his classmate, IN PUBLIC.

Calgary Board of Education, Sir James A. Macdonald School, Calgary Police
Recognize and commend publicly the bravery of 13 y.o Briar MacLean

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    2. School and CBE respond to reports, claiming they were "sensationalized".

      Richard Eichelberg
      Petition Organizer

      Thank you all for your contact and signatures to this petition. I'm pleased to see so much support for Briar and his actions.

      This is just to make you aware that the Calgary Board of Education have in conjunction with Michael Bester, Briar's principal, issued a statement, which I will link you to.

      In my own opinion, I don't support a word of it, but I suppose they needed to say something.

      Keep signing, keep telling your friends and keep the pressure on where it's needed.

      Thank you,


      Link: http://schools.cbe.ab.ca/b652/NewsCalendarsPubl/Newsletters/SJAM-May31-Comment.pdf

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    • Anita Kanitz STUTTGART, GERMANY
      • 8 months ago

      The world is in chaos not because of violence by bad people but because of silence of good people.

      Ritu Ghatourey

      • 11 months ago

      To much people are cowards . And when somebody isn't one , the system wants to make him one . So they could administrate coward people , and oppress them . Happily we have kids as Briar .

    • james a BOGNER MEDINA, OH
      • about 1 year ago

      if the school did its job the teenager would not have to. all bully must be stopped. sounds like the school is run by bullies. where were the adults when all this was happening. another failure by adults in a school.

    • Madeleine Trudel MONTREAL, CANADA
      • over 1 year ago

      Standing up in defense of other(s) is part of our humanity

      • over 1 year ago

      This is important to me because telling children that heroics are not condoned is giving out the completely wrong message. It gives the impression that if someone is in danger, they shouldn't do all they can to help, but instead tell someone with authority. You should be teaching children to stand up for themselves and others, not telling them that they have to hide in the shadow of a person in authority. Briar did what any sane person in our society would say was right. Being reprimanded for it is ludicrous. He didn't "play" hero. He IS a hero.


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