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    1. Steven Selzer
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      Steven Selzer

      San Diego, CA

Now through June 30th, all proceeds from Africa Aid t-shirts will go to our School Lunch Program in the Buduburam Liberian Refugee Settlement in Ghana, Africa.

Visit www.africaaid.org for more information
Click here for our t-shirt campaign press release

Here's an excerpt:

The School Lunch Program (SLP) is an example of Africa Aid tackling all four interconnected poverty issues within one exciting program. By providing clean water and a nutritious daily lunch to more than 200 underprivileged refugee students, the SLP currently supplies the necessary incentive for students to participate in school, while increasing their ability to learn by improving their nutritional well-being. Working with African Refugee NGO partner, Self-Help Initiative for Sustainable Development (SHIFSD), Africa Aid has constructed a kitchen and hired several mothers of recipient children as cooks in the name of improving the economic status of women in the Buduburam community. To solidify a true local connection, Africa Aid has worked closely with their student organization at the University of California, San Diego to create a health and nutrition curriculum that supplements each school lunch in Africa. The SLP will serve as a jumping point for the development of Africa Aid's micro-lending program, which will create economic opportunities for collectives of African women refugees who are notably also the mothers of children in the SLP.

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