Bullies need Tough Consequences &  Psychological Rehabilitation
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Bullies need Tough Consequences & Psychological Rehabilitation

    1. Michelle C
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      Michelle C

      KERENS, United States

Save A Bully Victim from Suicide! The Lambs are meek, Peaceful and don't know how or want to fight and shouldn't be forced to. The school Caregiver...should be liable...by law to intervene and expel the Bully to get psychological counseling. The Bully Victim has to face the ravenous wolf daily trying to get an education. Please support donate what you can if only your prayers to schoolbusters.org Non Profit Bully Victim Advocates. Get victims voices heard in federal court.  Bullying is up 50% and suicide 60% this year. Students are hanging and shooting themselves on school campus to escape being physically beat & mentally demoralized. Victims are also rejected and scolded for exposing bullies when seeking refuge from school staff. An adult could not tolerate this torture!

SAVE BULLY VICTIMS FROM SUICIDE!  Make Tough Bully Consequences - Stop bullies from being a future menace to adult life society!  Stop them from destroying the Bully Victim's! In loving memory of students who took their life on school campus. Montana Lance age 9 of The Colony TX Jan 2010 still in litigation. Meagan Allen Leander TX 2011 still in litigation, Marvin Auldridge Kerens TX never exposed, never went to court.

Repetitive Attacking Bully's need disciplinary action. 180 days Mandatory Psychological Treatment & Home schooling. Expelled from campus  to be home schooled to prevent further attacks on Victims.  Weekly psychological treatment at the expense of the Bullies parents before returning to school.(Until psychologist says they are safe to be around) Medicaid covers psychology for low income families &  online homeschool includes a free use computer http://www.k12.com/

Ongoing exposing Bully to victim is wrong! Adults in a workplace could call the police have the attacker arrested and be provided a protection order. Our children should be allowed same rights to protection to their mental and physical well being. The student code of conduct chapter 37 removal of Perpetrator off campus to DAEP is clear in school policy but is not enforced.

Bullying/violence has been about for a long time.But policies/practice/practise has protected "Bullies",and persecutes and abuses victims. The school boards claim they are not to blame. This has allowed for a mass of bullies to go UN-policed in schools/communities. From this more victims lose their lives, which could have been stopped in the main of these "Bullycides",and so our computer screens are filled with more and more children taking their lives each year,as this casualty list grows,and governments fail the people and all our future which is children.

Student Bully Victims we are in contact with as young as 9 have been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder. A phobia of school students, teachers and the hostile environment.They have been withdrawn to private schools and have to be medicated to prevent flashback triggers, nightmares, severe headaches and vomiting.

The parents found out the child was vomiting w/headaches at school and took child to a chiropractor, then physical therapy.Nothing was helping. ER visits for severe screaming thrashing headaches giving the child morphine at age 9. Then finally referred to psychiatrist for medication that stopped the issues.

The child can now sleep thru the night without waking up reliving the school abuse of being beaten and school staff watching them being beat by bullies. Not being allowed to call parents for help when assaulted. Unfortunately there is no end in sight as yet. This child cannot function without meds after a year of being removed from the school where trauma occurred. The relief in sleeping thru the night gave this child a break from shame of being a Victim.

Some children don't get help because parents don't want their children labeled as psychotic.I believe they have no relief from stress and take their own lives when they find that adults have no control over their torment.

Repeating Attacker Bullies go on with their power trips UN-policed as king of the school and on to their future attacks.They need immediate psychological treatment. They should be removed from further attacks on Bully victims and home schooled at bully parents expense.

This 6 month process would echo thru the school system and get attention of school $$$ bully headcount and Parents of bullies would suffer consequences verses bully victim and family suffering more injustice.

Please donate to Bully Victims legal defense fund at www.schoolbusters.org


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    • kris upson NH, NH
      • almost 2 years ago

      because it is

    • Jackie Fracasso KANATA, CANADA
      • about 2 years ago

      Because my son was bullied and I did not get any help.

    • Rebecca Stubblefield LEANDER, TX
      • about 2 years ago

      My autistic son is a victim of bullying.

    • Renzie Wilson HUNTSVILLE, AL
      • about 2 years ago

      I am signing this petition because bullies SHOULD NOT be allowed in our schools!


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