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      Brenda Bolanos-Ivory

      Irvine, CA

 Irvine School District in Orange County, California has a culture of bullying students.  We've done everything to work it out but they've been retaliatory and committed the following offenses against victims:
When Veronica complained about being bullied, WHS principal and vice principal yelled at Veronica and her Mom.  
WHS principal told Veronica no bullying happened and if it did, she's equally at fault and she should apologize to her bully. (Bully violated IUSD bully rules for 7 months and Veronica said one mean the last day.)  In the reporting bullying meeting, I tried to show staff what Veronica dealt with but the principal kept saying that's not bullying, that's not bullying... only when I said "let me show you how your PE class works" his face became bright RED, fists clenched, he yelled at me "don't you talk to me like that!"  Before I could answer, Veronica said "that's how I feel every day with the bully."  The principal said nothing, I apologized because I'm not a bully and he kept his stance that Veronica is the bully. 

When Veronica said her bully "would bounce back quicker than she would," the vice principal yelled at her "You don't know that!  You don't know how he feels! You should care about him and his feelings!"  Veronica became dejected and sullen.  When asked what needs to happen to move on Veronica said "nothing can be done.  I want to die."  
It's been almost two months and WHS has failed to apologize for their hostile reaction when Veronica reported bullying, they refuse to abide by their own IUSD bully rules.  
Veronica has a known medical diagnosis for depression and anxiety, Veronica has missed classes and been suicidal for two months because of WHS staff allowing and participating in bullying her.
WHS staff asked her to leave WHS for another school or go on home-hospital which completely excludes her from public education where they'd have to stop bullying.
Veronica lasted over a month, but due to the hostile environment by WHS staff, she finally dropped out of high school on May 1, 2012.

Veronica's a good student, she made A's and B's last semester.  Even though she's a freshman, she adapted to high school and was succeeding despite her medical problems.
Now, Veronica dropped out of WHS on medical leave due to WHS allowing and participating in bullying, creating a hostile environment for all students, especially victims.
Veronica shouldn't have to leave WHS for another high school when her local public school is at fault for increasing her depression and suicidal ideation.
Please tell WHS and the school board that a hostile bullying environment is unacceptable.  Hold the principal and vice principal accountable and transform WHS into a positive safe school.
It's bad enough that the principal and vice principal yelled at Veronica and her mom when they were reporting the bullying, they should be fired.  They still failed to apologize in two months to provide Veronica with a safe school, the IUSD bully rule isn't obeyed in WHS.  We've made previous bullying complaints about WHS staff and nothing was done to resolve them either.  
Furthermore, they told Veronica's mom that she has to tell them every time the laws aren't abided by WHS staff instead of the principal and vice principal making sure their staff obey the law which is their responsibility.  And when she does complain, they excuse it. 
Not only the student Bully bullied Veronica but WHS staff are bullying her too.  We need positive public schools creating our leaders of the future with support for their civil rights

Now, unbelievably,  the school district office told me school staff is never fired, even for bullying students.

*In the past month, in our IUSD district, a sweet 2nd grader complained to the principal she’s being bullied.  The principal told her and her mother that she’s welcome to sit in the principal’s office during recess so she won’t be bullied.  But that means the bully victim can't have recess and the Bully can!  No action was taken to stop the bullying.  The student and her mom feel there’s no other choice than to change schools.  A public school is responsible for stopping bullying, not kicking the good kids out!  That doesn’t help anyone.  Resolving and stopping bully behavior is good for everyone.

Please support our petition!  You’re making a difference for our students and our schools!

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    1. I asked the bully's parents for him to tell the truth to school and police.

      Brenda Bolanos-Ivory
      Petition Organizer

      The bully's parents refused. They said they're pleased with the investigation when Veronica can't go to school! Shawn lied to school and police saying HE wasbullied by Veronica. He was told sweetly, please tell us next time so we can help you. While Veronica is missing school he has turned friends against her. He's nice to them, but bullies Veronica. It's common to have one bully target, but school says if he's nice to others Veronica must be lying. Veronica wants to sue Shawn and the school. We've been waiting for the school district to respond June 18th....but I don't know how much longer we can wait. I'm pretty sure the district will deny responsibility.

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    • dawn smith BRIGHTON, MI
      • over 2 years ago

      Veronica--It is SO wrong what happened to you. I suggest you take a free and legal approach to begin to reclaim what was stolen from you. Its called NAME AND SHAME. Picket like the unions do, right outside the school board! Put the adult bully's names on a big sign and march on a public sidewalk. Have a video camera ready to record if the police are called or any administrators confront you. Don't let them get away with it. Google the administrators names, then go to ALL THEIR NEIGHBORS and collect signatures for your petition. Tell their neighbors what ding-dongs they are. Make a game of it, but stay legal. Call their family members and ask them to intervene with them. You can find all this information for free online. But also, take pride in being connected to others in history, like Rosa Parks. Ms. Parks was bullied and even jailed. She became a fighter instead of just a victim. Have a good cry, then dry your eyes, and make them remember your name. Stand up for other victims, too!! Set an example on how to respond to injustice! Try to find the silver lining in this cloud when you are able. Remember--DEPRESSION IS ANGER TURNED INWARD! Try turning some of that righteous anger OUTWARD and watch the depression fade away. Name 'em and shame 'em, honey!!

      • over 2 years ago

      how does the principal know that veronica is partially at fault? -Is he trying to defame her good name? What right does he have to disrespect people? Is he proactive in his position against the bully? I am angry and will stand by Veronica all the way. I would like to have the names and info on people that do not defend these types of people that do not defend people that are being bullied.

      John Mehnert

      • over 2 years ago

      Hooray for Veronica for standing up. You've proven that you are special. You Go Girl!! Write your own ticket to the future.

      Shame on the scfhool administrators and school board in that district. Everyone should re--consider tenure in the public education system. It protects the lazy, incompetent, weak and unconcerned role models put out there to lead our precious children.

      • over 2 years ago

      I believe this is true and am outraged that nothing is being done about it.

    • Lorraine Miller EUSTIS, FL
      • over 2 years ago

      I do not approve of bulling at all & the principal & vice principal should be fried for being afried to face the bully & replace them with some one who cares about the children & protects them, school principals & teachers do get fired & this should be carried out. Maybe your local news should hear about this as bulling has been all over the TV for sometime to stop it now.


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