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Approve medium sized dogs to live in HDB apartments

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      Victoria Lim


84% of Singapore's population live in HDB apartments and medium sized dogs( eg. mongrels) are not allowed in HDB premises. Hence, animal welfare organisations and animal rescuers face difficulties while trying to home these stray dogs.

Idoh's case is one out of the many in Singapore . Idoh is a medium sized mongrel whose owner has treated as one of his children. Although Idoh has not disturbed anyone and his owner, Jason, has also been very considerate, neighbors have complained simply because Idoh is not an approved breed for HDB.

To quote, "Because all this time, I thought that moving to a big house means giving a better environment to Idoh and my children....it made me feel regretful that I spent $400,000 to buy more troubles for my family"

Evicting Idoh is akin to snatching a beloved child away from his family. It is breaking the intimate relationship between an owner and his dog, a relationship cultivated over many years. All these just because medium-sized dogs are not approved breeds. Animal welfare organisations have encouraged Singaporeans to adopt instead of buy and yet those who have adopted, face the difficulty of not being able to keep them.

We are not speaking up for Idoh alone. We are speaking up for the street dogs who have found their homes but are not allowed to live in them.

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      • almost 2 years ago

      My mother has a mongrel in her HDB unit. She is an affectionate dog and does not give problems. She is like our family member. We do not want to lose her when the HDB officer comes to complain one day. We hope that the approval will come soon, so that the lives of more strays will be saved.

      • almost 2 years ago

      I will live in HDB in the future. I am fearful of living in a HDB flat because of this. I love animals and wish to foster those in need. But Singapore/HDB is not helping, in fact, they are tearing families apart. Owners and pets alike can slip into depression. HDB, wake up.

    • Amanda pang TAMPINES, SINGAPORE
      • almost 2 years ago

      I have never seen anything more cruel than separating a child from their parents. I thought that only happens during war.

    • feras hbtst HTREJHTS, BAHRAIN
      • almost 2 years ago

      because we love dog.

    • Jeremiah Chua SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE
      • almost 2 years ago

      They are humans best friends not some kind of trophies only those staying in landed property to show case if the owner don't really care about it they won't fight for the rights till this stage it mean the owner itself actually willing to put in every single effort to train the doggie and I don't see any problem on people staying in hdb owning mid size doggie . It's a living being .. Will u do something or complaint to hdb saying ur kids is too noisy or etc and hdb will sent u a letter saying sorry ur kids is giving ur neighbor a hard time and u are give 1 month to either dump them or put them to slp right !! There are tons of people out there doing wat Jason is doing and tested and proven we can comply to certain guideline like no noise pollution after 1030pm, dump our doggie poo in a correct way. Lash the when bring them for a stroll . So please approve of having mid breed and let Singapore a even better place to stay


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