Buffalo Studios (Bingo Blitz) and Caesar's Interactive Entertainment: To stop their bottom line of greed and outrageous profit agenda.
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Buffalo Studios (Bingo Blitz) and Caesar's Interactive Entertainment: To stop their bottom line of greed and outrageous profit agenda.

    1. Jesse Thunder
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      Jesse Thunder

      Del City, OK

It is about morals. It is about ethics. Bingo Blitz used to be a great interactive game format until Buffalo Studios were bought out by a casino company, Caesar's Interactive Entertainment, and the quality of the game has been on a fast downward spiral track since then. We demand restoration.

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      Jesse Thunder
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      Join the Wake Up Buffalo Studios (Bingo Blitz) group today to discuss and interact with others plus build up the hardcore evidence against Buffalo Studios and Caesar's Interactive Entertainment! www.facebook.com/groups/WakeUpBuffaloStudios


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    • Shirley Scott AUSTRALIA
      • 3 months ago

      I've loved Blitz since it began but it now more of a nightmare than a joy! Put it back the way it used to be!

    • Pam Johnson TYLER, TX
      • 3 months ago

      This used to be fun and I spent money in the early stages of playing but now I wouldn't spend a dime because of such bad customer service.

    • Cloey Tucek PAW PAW, MI
      • 3 months ago

      I have played this game since it first opened on Facebook, and in almost 4 years, I've watched this game that used to be the MOST FUN game become utterly frustrating. People used to be so positive and help one another. Now everyone is complaining and scamming each other to get items they need. They aren't making more money by taking the fun out of it, they are losing money by doing so.

    • Traci McAbee HAMPTON, VA
      • 3 months ago

      I used to love bingo blitz. It really irritates me that I don't get things I am promised as an elite member and I don't get more credits for leveling up and I don't get more free credits by inviting more friends and teammates.

    • Twila Martin MARIETTA, OH
      • 11 months ago

      Not getting my credits. Taking away items from me. Been playing Manchu picachu for months now. Cannot get the axe, even when I have over 7 treasure chests!! I understand you make it challenging, but this is ridiculous!!!

      I think I might stop playing. Not enjoyable anymore. It just makes me mad! It's hard to tell how many credits I've spent in this city alone. At some point, you should get the items.


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