Brutality & neglect at the Hyderabad Dog Pounds
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Minister of Environment & Forests
Jayanthi Natarajan
Commissioner, GHMC
Shri Krishna Babu I.A.S.
Secretary to Govt, & Commissioner, U.P.A. Municipal Administration & Urban Dvlpmnt. Dept.
Vijay Kumar I.A.S.
Chairman,Animal Welfare Board of India
Maj. Gen. (Retd.) Dr. R.M. Kharb AVSM

Brutality & neglect at the Hyderabad Dog Pounds

    1. Petition by

      Krishna k

November 2011


How we won

In 4 months more than 12000 people from different parts of the world, forced Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation to restructure and clean up five dog pounds and agree to all our demands. Here’s what they’ve committed to:

1.Shutting down three of the most controversial pounds so that they can be restructured and improved.

2.Taking over two pounds so that they can be run by People for Animals and Blue Cross of Hyderabad.

3.Comprehensive training for all vets, para-vets and dog catchers by Humane Society of India and Animal Welfare Board of India. This includes a separate training for animal rights volunteers.

4.Reviewing monitoring committee to meet every month and follow up decision on the welfare and functioning of the pounds. 



Dogs, pigs and monkeys at GHMC Pounds(Hyderabad) survive in skanky & miserable conditions everyday. These conditions are unacceptabllly brutal, cruel & inhumane, we need to put stop to this cruelty. 

These pounds house dogs, pigs & monkeys with inadequate and unhygienic food and water for example  dogs kept in thick wired cages that are painful for them to stand on. There have also  been reports that monkeys which should be released back in the forest for rehabilitation are kept crammed in cages for days. Most of these monkeys are starved, fall ill or are dead before they can be released.

There are many instances where, dogs with infectious diseases are kept in the same cages as healthy ones, exposing them to the infection as well. Sterilizations are carried out with unsterile medical equipment and surgical incisions are stitched back improperlysince most of the vets aren’t fully trained to neuter the dogs.

The law states that these dogs should be neutered under ABC (Animal Birth Control) Program, vaccinated and released at the same place where they are caught. No dog can be killed, dislocated or removed from its original habitat.Dogs should not be confined in the facilities for more than a few days.Large cages and clean facilities should be used, with sufficient food and water should be provided to each dog. Puppies, lactating mothers, and neutered dogs cannot be picked up. Dogs should be captured humanely under the prescribed norms. GHMC pounds are not following these laws and are responsible for many stray atrocities and deaths , this needs to be stopped.Please sign this petition and push the concerned officials and organisations to restructure these pounds.

The city has become infamous for the most blatant corruption, cruelty and the he neglect of stray animals in the city.There are 05 dog pounds which are poorly managed by GHMC (Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation,) in Hyderabad city located in Amberpet, Autonagar, Jeedimatla, Patancheruvu and Zumerath Bazaar. Chief Veterinary Officer (CVO), Dr. P.Venkateswara Reddy is responsible for functioning of these. Recent photographic evidence proves that despite several petitions and campaigns by animal welfare groups in the country as well as around the world, as well as a written notice by the AWBI, the issue still seems to be to be overlooked by the City officials and organisations.

 GHMC Pounds (Hyderabad) need restructuring!

All updates and photographs on the Hyderabad situation can be found here:



Recent signatures


    1. Reached 3,000 signatures
    2. PFA to adopt 2 dog pounds

      tamseel hussain
      Petition Organizer

      The People for Animals (PFA) along with the Blue Cross of Hyderabad will soon be adopting two of the five dog pounds located in the city and jointly work towards a more effective birth control mechanism of the animal species. This was announced by PFA founder and animal rights activist Maneka Gandhi, who was in Hyderabad on Thursday for a fundraiser event organised by her group.

    3. Maneka Gandhi displeased with GHMCs dog pound

      tamseel hussain
      Petition Organizer

      HYDERABAD: MP Maneka Gandhi and founder of Blue Cross Hyderabad Amala Akkineni on Thursday paid a visit to the Autonagar Dog Pound and reportedly expressed displeasure over the shabby treatment meted out to the captured canines.The animal rights activists urged the GHMC not to treat street dogs cruelly and advised that they be kept in proper environment and provided hygienic food. Maneka Gandhi and Amala also asked the GHMC to adopt Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) while sterilising street dogs.

    4. Reached 2,500 signatures
    5. Please send a text message to the minister

      Krishna k
      Petition Organizer

      Please send a POLITE text message to the Minister of Environment & Forests, Mrs Jayanthi Natarajan at +91 11 9445392440 asking her to intervene and stop the atrocities at the Hyderabad Dog pounds.

    6. Reached 500 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • lynda chabane NOTTINGHAM, UNITED KINGDOM
      • almost 3 years ago

      I am absolutely delighted this evening after hearing this fantastic news!!! At last the poor innocent dogs will now receive the care they have deserved from the moment they were left in this awful place. A wonderful victory...god bless everyone that signed xxxxx

    • Linda Szymoniak SCHERERVILLE, IN
      • almost 3 years ago

      In a message from - Success! You and 12,000 others have succeeded in putting an end to the cruelty, abuse and mismanagement towards stray animals in Hyderabad. The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has agreed to completely restructure the pounds under their management -- agreeing to every single demand of the petitions.

    • VJ Gairola MUMBAI, INDIA
      • almost 3 years ago

      Because I want to prove that we human being are capable of doing better than this.,

    • Laurie Gladfelter DOVER, PA
      • almost 3 years ago

      THINK about what you are doing!

      • almost 3 years ago



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