Implement paragraph 20 Weston Park Accord. Release Gerry McGeough.
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British Secretary of State Owen Paterson
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Implement paragraph 20 Weston Park Accord. Release Gerry McGeough.

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      Free Gerry McGeough Campaign

We call for full implementation of paragraph 20 of the Weston Park Accord (2001) and for the immediate release of Gerry McGeough.

The Good Friday Agreement was signed on 10th April 1998. The associated Weston Park Accord was signed on 1st August 2001. This is an international agreement between the Irish and British governments. Both governments agreed to implement paragraph 20 before the end of 2001. Paragraph 20 states that:

"supporters of organisations now on cease-fire against whom there are outstanding proceedings, and in some cases extradition proceedings, for offences committed before 10th April 1998 would if convicted, stand to benefit from the early release scheme. The Governments accept that it would be a natural development of the scheme for such prosecutions not to be pursued and will as soon as possible, and in any event before the end of the year, take such steps as are necessary in their jurisdictions to resolve this difficulty so that those concerned are no longer pursued".

Unfortunately, the legislation required to implement paragraph 20 was never passed in Westminster. The failure of the British government to act in the spirit of the Good Friday Agreement forced the withdrawal of this legislation on 11th January 2006 by then Secretary of State Peter Hain.

Non-implementation of paragraph 20 led directly to the arrest of Gerry McGeough on 8th March 2007. He was subsequently charged and sentenced in a Diplock Court with alleged offences dating back 31 years to June 1981. Gerry has now been incarcerated in Maghaberry prison since 18th February 2011. He is the only Irish Republican to have been charged with alleged offences committed prior to the signing of the Good Friday Agreement.

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    • Kevin Corrigan ADNA, WA
      • over 2 years ago

      It's has been the Right thing to do all along!...

    • stephen mcnulty COUNTY CLARE, IRELAND
      • over 2 years ago

      Having worked with Gerry in dublin in 2003 and after many talks with Gerry about the struggle i found him to be a man of courage who was forced in to fighting for the people, and the irish way of life, that he dearly loved. I found him extremely intelligent who would have always chose dialogue first, unfortunately there was a time in our history when dialogue was not possible for him and i think that it is an extreme injustice that he has been robbed of his opportunity to express and share his insightful and just views that i know can be of benefit to our nation.

    • John Jones PHILADELPHIA, PA
      • over 2 years ago

      Because the british atrocities towards the Irish people has to stop. This cannot continue...

    • Gaire O Dubhshlaine ISLAND HEIGHTS, NJ
      • over 2 years ago

      The continuing incarceration of Gerry McGeough for nothing more than his political viewpoint demonstrates just what passes for justice and fair play in the occupied six counties.

    • Ciarán Tally COOKSTOWN, IRELAND
      • over 2 years ago

      This is a disgraceful and blatent breach of human rights, and Gerry should be supported regardless of anyones political leanings.


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