British Retail Consortium: Help to reduce prices & save our designing packaging for REUSE
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British Retail Consortium: Help to reduce prices & save our designing packaging for REUSE

    1. Senake Atureliya
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      Senake Atureliya

      London, United Kingdom

Driven by climate change and biofuel production, our food and energy bills are spiralling. In poorer countries, the effects of are much worse - millions are dying of starvation. At the same time, we are failing in other areas. According to recent press reports, some of our carefully sorted rubbish is also being exported and dumped into landfills in the third world. As a commercially minded Electrical Engineer, I believe that we can combine these problems into much needed solutions by using the discarded packaging for what it is really is - a collection of FREE, precision engineered components.

For example, we can reuse packaging to speed the uptake of zero emission power generation - crucial if we are to slow or reverse the effects of fossil fuel generated environment degredation. Current measures aren't working - governments hit by financial constraints have cut subsidies and even with 'no up front cost' leasing schemes in place, property owners are not taking the plunge. What is really required is to drastically reduce the cost/risk and design solutions that DIY enthusiast would find fun to install. Ideally the designs should be easily enhancable to enable increased output as more packaging is collected.

I am proposing that we start with what we have, but also that manufacturers modify packaging so that it can be more easily be assembled - by any DIY enthusiast - into useful products. Domestic wind generation equipment could cost £10 instead of £1,000/kW. Automated aquaponics units that could provide basic, healthy food to the poor. The image above shows a crude 'proof of concept' wind turbine that I build out of plastic drinks containers, carrier bags and a few other low cost components. My next step is to prototype a bigger, stronger 2-5kW version that could generate all of the power required for a typical family home.

Sign this petition to tell the BRC and it's members that if we were given proven designs, we would be willing to pay the few extra pennies per unit that it would take to develop and sell reusable packaging. See for more details or to join in with this initiative.

Please also see my other petition at

Bob Gordon, Head of Environment, British Retail Consortium
Bridget LaMarca, British Retail Consortium
Help to reduce prices & save our working with your members and the public to start projects that reuse discarded packaging in the manufacture of domestic wind turbines and products that can help humanity.

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    • Senake Atureliya LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM
      • over 1 year ago

      Because we are literally "throwing away" the change to reduce global warming.


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