Release the 1962 serialisation of "Oliver Twist" onto dvd.
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Release the 1962 serialisation of "Oliver Twist" onto dvd.

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      Peter Watson

      Derby, DE

This serial was one of many dramatisations made by the BBC in the 1960's which were very accurate to the book. It is complete, with no character omissions and it has a memorable cast. It portrays the grim austerity of 19th century London so vividly as is very atmospheric.
Although it is in black and white, it is far better than the 1948 film version simply because it is of longer duration and is faithful to Charles Dickens' masterpiece, which the 1948 film version is not.
It has been sadly neglected since its first transmission in thirteen parts. It ran from 07-01-1962 to 01-04-1962 with Bruce Prochnik as Oliver and Max Adrian as Fagin.
I am aware that many people with a love of Dickens would like to see these old serials again and I firmly believe that in the year of Charles Dickens' bicentenary it would be appropriate to rescue "Oliver Twist" from obscurity in the BBC archives.

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    2. The 1962 BBC serialisation of "Oliver Twist".

      Peter Watson
      Petition Organizer

      I am currently trying to discover who at the BBC actually owns the dvd rights to "Oliver Twist". I seem to be directed to one department after another but this is not unusual as the BBC is a large organisation.
      I am going to use the recently released "Anna Karenina" (BBC 1961) as a point of reference since the BBC were quite happy to release this onto dvd once it had been rediscovered. It was originally thought lost. There was no online petition to back up this production so the BBC are hoping for reasonable sales. However, there is support for "Oliver Twist" so they should not be able to make any excuses for not releasing it.
      I am also trying to gather a good deal more support via facebook, but I will be requiring help with this because I am not at all sure what to do to promote the campaign once I get onto it.
      I wish all those who have signed my online petition a very happy christmas and new year.

    3. "Oliver Twist" BBC 1962.

      Peter Watson
      Petition Organizer

      Dear All, I have emailed Robin James at the BBC ( BBC Worldwide ) and informed him of the petition to get the 1962 "Oliver Twist" released onto dvd.
      He would do well to read the many and varied comments as to why supporters would like to see this early version released onto dvd because the 1961 "Anna Karenina" has recently been released after all these years, yet there was no online petition supporting it.
      They would not be taking a risk with "Oliver Twist" because there is support out there and interest in Dickens adaptatations is worldwide.

      Peter Watson.

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      • 5 days ago

      This was on television as I was being born, but I have never seen it.

      • 22 days ago

      Sounds a first-class candidate for DVD release. No television set in 1962 so I never saw it. But did see that excellent actor Max Adrian on stage at Stratford around that time -- he oozed sinister-seediness.

    • Stewart Sinclair CAMBRIDGE, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 22 days ago

      No such good Dickens adaptation (nor any other) should be lost since it represents considerable work done on one of his major novels.

      • 22 days ago

      Because 1960 dramatisations were detailed and faithful to the text. Would be great to see them again.

    • Christine Corton CAMBRIDGE, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 23 days ago

      It is important to see versions of Dickens's novel and they reflect the different times they were made and different influences from modern adaptations.


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