British America Tobacco Nigeria, Stop Enticing Kids to Smoke!
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Beverley Spencer-Obatoyinbo

British America Tobacco Nigeria, Stop Enticing Kids to Smoke!

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      Corporate Accountability International

Recently, British American Tobacco Nigeria hosted a clandestine smoking party for underage youth at a dance hall in Lagos, Nigeria.

Inside the smoke filled dance hall, skimpily-dressed young women welcomed youngsters who were christened ‘consumers'. The young women offered the youth a Pall Mall cigarette and immediately lit it up.

The event was a shameless disregard for public health and violates the global tobacco treaty.

British American Tobacco Nigeria has organized clandestine smoking parties for youth since 2003.   Make this the last time that Nigerian youth are enlisted to serve Big Tobacco's bottom line at the expense of their health.

Demand that British American Tobacco Nigeria stop conscripting underage youth into smoking through its secret smoking parties, advertisements, promotions and sponsorships.

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